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If you are reading this article, you have arrived at your 21st Century Solution

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The New Era of Network Marketing

These days, in the age of mass information people are constantly getting pitched to

new businesses and opportunities. This occurs so often that people protect themselves from all of it (e.g.pop-up blockers, spyware, adware, antivirus).

In the 21st Century there has never been access to more opportunity;

however, there has never been so much to be careful for. So you might ask, HOW

do you overcome this big hurdle in finding prospects for your business online?

The answer is straightforward: “You, Inc.”


The Reason Why the “old way” is Pushing Daisies

Before we discuss branding it is essential to understand 98% of people

starting off in Network Marketing start off by creating ridiculous lists of friends

and family to go in with their business. 2 reasons why this way of doing thing is doomed to fail:

1) Calling friends and family to enter your business opportunity is NOT marketing

2) When you no longer have loved ones…you are NO LONGER IN BUSINESS.

Many people choose Network Marketing to bring financial

prosperity TO their family. Loved ones are NOT looking for a new

business opportunity, and they do not contain the same FIRE that most

entrepreneurs require–so it is doomed to fail eventually. As a matter of fact,

most companies fail to educate their distributors (or marketing executives)

that after 1 year, only 15% of those that join are still in the business.

So, let’s say you do elect to risk, using friends and family to build your business. When you run dry of loved ones, you are basically out of business. Until you go out, hunting like a wolf, looking for new prospects. People are tired of being SOLD, so you sadly will wasting literally 95% of your efforts. It is demoralizing and it wastes money.

The Answer: Develop into the HUNTED, rather than the HUNTER!


21st Century Concept- You, Inc.

You must understand that just because you are involved in a Network Marketing Company does NOT edify you are a business owner. Consider these 3 particulars:

1) You don’t own the Products- The Company does.

2) You do not own the Company- Clearly.

3) You do not own your Downline- The Company can pull you from your opportunity at ANY TIME, and your hard work remains with the Company.

The ANSWER is to brand yourself. So that in the event your company “goes under” (as many have, and can) you remain in control of your list and can take them with you no matter what company you join. To attain this, you will have to take this principle to heart: People Join People-NOT Business Opportunities. People are social creatures and these 2 business attraction concepts will bring you to the crown of the industry:

1) You MUST have something to offer your prospects (without giving them a sales pitch)

2) You MUST have a SYSTEM they can actually jump into that duplicates: Marketing, Advertising, and Training.


Your Branding Home- www.’You’.com

The BEST way to self-brand in a way that makes you unique on Google (and revered by prospects) is building your OWN blog. NOT a free blog such as linkedIn, but “” Google LOVES blogs because they give information on niche-specific subjects that better serves its users.

How to get your OWN blog:

1) Get a Domain. (

2) Get it WordPress Hosted.

3) Get it Setup and Learn How to Make it Unique.


What to Blog About

Create USEFUL content that your people need, and NOT what you want them to. Mindset: People who are shopping for axes ACTUALLY want to get rid of a tree. Give and you shall receive. We will discuss this in greater detail in Day #2 of the 21st Century Marketing Bootcamp. GET TO WORK IMMEDIATELY, my friend.


To gain access to how you can have life-changing success in 21st Century Marketing, it is essential to brand yourself, and not your company website. To learn more, click the following link and you will be taken to an elite opportunity where you will gain access to training from industry leader, Steve Irving: 21st Century Marketing System

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