One well-worn path for newbies in online marketing is to sell other people’s products as affiliates. The reason for this is that it’s the easiest thing to do; just sell someone else’s product and get paid for it. Not tough to do! The truth is that affiliate marketing involves quite a lot of work. Being a successful affiliate marketer is time-consuming because there are a lot of little details and steps.

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Rob Benwell and Taylor Fletcher have teamed-up to create a product just to help affiliates save a lot of time without sacrificing income. This product is called Affiliate Gameplan and, if the hype is to be believed, it will help you make millions of dollars without doing much work at all. Naturally, we were curious, so we took it out on the road to see what the hype is all about. Affiliate Gameplan is a new affiliate “helper” that has been created by Rob Benwell, the mastermind behind the incredibly popular “Blogging to the Bank.” This product was created in half by Taylor Fletcher; an internet marketer that go the attention of Rob Benwell who decided to partner with him on a cash course. These two internet marketing geniuses have put together a program whose aim is to help you make money through a few simple steps.

Most likely, you know how to create traffic and send it to your sites. But Affiliate Gameplan promises to show you new angles on traffic generation. It lists several traffic generation techniques that you probably haven’t considered yet. No worries, it’s all white hat so you won’t get into trouble. You’ll be pleasantly surprised when you see more traffic headed in your direction, and you’ll be able to convert into sales… if you do it right. You’ve probably heard of Rob Benwell, but perhaps not Taylor Fletcher. It has been Taylor’s choice to remain largely anonymous. Taylor has seen much success as an affiliate, and he’s learned how to do it by maximizing his efficiency so it really looks like he does it completely automatically. Interestingly, Taylor was working as an affiliate for Rob, and when he was making more sales than all the other affiliates, it caught Rob’s attention. So Rob convinced Taylor to work together on a product to show others how to learn Taylor’s methods.

Affiliate marketing, just like other businesses, take hard work in order to be successful. No question, you must work at it nearly every single day in order to achieve success. There are many things that will eat-up your time, so learning how to automate and become efficient is very important. Affiliate Gameplan will teach you exactly how to do that, very quickly! But it can’t do it all by itself, you must have the desire to take action and make it work for you.

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