Online marketing offers a wide assortment of profitable areas, but finding the perfect one for you is critical. IM Niche Formula 2, developed by Mark Dulisse, concentrates on building and uniquely marketing authority sites for outstanding income. Mark is a recognized expert in the area of authority sites. And he continually enjoys their earning power with great profits month after month. If you’re a beginner, this course can have you well on your way. If you’re advanced, you’ll be able to learn some new methods to add to your bag. The IM Niche Formula course is for training you in online marketing, and it contains a hefty nine core modules. This review article will focus on explaining to you about all the 9 modules in detail.

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What Will An IM Niche Formula Review Site Do For You? In this module, you’ll get the mile high view of what will be coming your way in the rest of the course. The nuts and bolts of authority site creation is covered plus what special properties they have that other sites do not.

Module 2 – Building A SEO Magnet IM Niche Formula Site Step-by-Step. In here, you’ll be shown the very same approaches that Mark uses to create his own authority sites. You’ll clearly see in great details how he develops his own sites and also what plugins to use and why.

Complete Plans On-Page IM Niche Formula Site. Your main source of traffic will search traffic. So Mark will cover content layout in detail for you.

How To Think About Monetizing Your IM Niche Formula Site. This module talks about your choices for money making techniques to use on your authority site. The sites that you will be creating using Mark’s methods will have a strong monetization model to make sure you’re earning from your business.

Best Plans for Social Media Marketing & IM Niche Formula Web 2.0. Social planning, strategizing and marketing – this is the module where it gets exciting as Mark takes you by hand and gives you a clear roadmap to capitalize on today’s social trend.

IM Niche Formula Targeted Traffic Creation Mark will show you the plans for gaining targeted traffic that converts into sales. Mark is a veteran when it comes to creating a high quality flow of visitors and that’s exactly what he teaches here.

IM Niche Formula Using Special Minisites Minisites have been used very successfully with power sites such as Squidoo and Hubpages. In this module you will be learning everything you need to know about creating mini sites.

IM Niche Formula Leveraging Important Web 2.0 Sites. Web 2.0 sites have an excellent reputation for successfully selling products and services. However getting traffic from these sites can be tough if you don’t know how to do it. This module gives you everything you need to know about leveraging Web 2.0 properties.

Develop Your List And Raving Fans Customer Service. The difference between success and failure is the quality of your list. Mark will show you how to get the right people on your list.

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