Work descriptions should be disclosed to the employee as soon as he or she is employed. Note, however, that job descriptions are listed using words that make it difficult to measure the employee’s performance ( Executive leadership training ) . You are in contrast with the skills the skills required in performing this task list and described in terms that can be measured.

Strategic Plan

In effect, a strategic plan tells you three things:

Where the company is heading in the coming year/s.

How the company is going to get there.

How the company will be known whether they are existing or not.

Included in a strategic plan are the following:

Mission statement – the primary reason why your department (or company) exists.

Goals – associated with the mission statement, they determine the results that will advance said statement/s.

Strategic initiatives – specifies definite steps that must be taken to accomplish each goal.

It is a energetic procedure,often inspected during periods like one or two years.

2. Developing

This phase of Performance Management ( Business leadership development ) process includes developing performance standards, which offers a scale that describes how a specific job should be performed in order to meet (or exceed) expectations. They are interpreted to newly employed employees and are later utilized to value work performance.

Performance standards are generally outlined with the help of the employees who actually perform the tasks or functions. There are a number of advantages with this approach:

The standards will be suitable to the requirements of the job

The standards will be applicable to actual work conditions

The standards will be easily understood by the employee (and performance manager ( Business leadership development ) as well)

The standards will be acknowledged (and received) by the employee and the performance manager

Standards of performance are usually in the form of ratings (1 to 5, A to E) that are used by performance managers to rate the employee’s actual level of performance.

3. Monitoring

This phase of the Performance Management process includes monitoring employee’s work performances and giving feedback about them.

Since the fundamental of feedback,investigations should be identified : they should contain remarkable and work-related truths, incidents, behaviors, actions, statements, and consequences. Comments of this type are used as information about its performance, and to improve employee and / or sustained good performance by division, the employee must be non-judgmental, to improve the nature or motives.

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