New marketers like to ask others how to start their IM business and get traffic, the frequent reply is, “Do some article marketing!” Ok, so what article marketers do is write their articles, then submit them to different sites including article directories, and doing this will generate traffic (depending on factors). Very many IM’ers only use this method for driving traffic to their sites. However, it is easy to make mistakes with this method if you’re not knowledgeable of the proper way to do it. Great, now keep on reading to learn how to get around these preventable mistakes so you can make more money, faster.

Placing articles on your own websites is a very powerful method to use. Articles on your site will help your visitors learn about the subject and will create the impression that you’re knowledgeable and worth spending time with. If you take the time to make your articles high quality and well-researched, then you’ll find they’ll perform better for you in terms of conversion than your articles on other websites such as directories, etc.

A favorite technique with many marketers is to have the articles rewritten, or maybe spun using software, for use on social networking sites or submitting to newer article directories. Just keep in mind that most if not all directories will not allow duplicate content. You will need to exercise some caution because quite a few article directories and other submission sites will ban you if they think you’re involved with duplicate content, or even spinning. Creating different and fairly unique versions of the same article will greatly help you stay out of any trouble. You can safely get around the duplicate content penalties while still building more backlinks to your sites.

Try to find less popular sites to submit your articles. You’ll receive greater returns if your article is published on a high quality blog rather than an article directory. There’s also nothing wrong with trying to get published locally, just be sure your URL is visible. Just do some poking around, and you’ll quickly find there are many other places you can use.

Be creative, and your wallet will thank you for it.

The more you do it, the more you’ll discover different approaches and techniques to do article marketing. But as you progress, you’ll find there are undiscovered ways to do it better, improve your marketing, or become more efficient. This method will work to build credibility, generate traffic, and sell more.

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