If you have been reading Article Marketing Basics you have successfully completed Step 1 – Pick a topic, Step 2 – Created quality articles, Step 3 – Get a web site or a blog site, Step 4 – Applied for a Google AdSense and Analytics account, Step 5 – Selected keywords for your articles, Step 6 – Submitted your article to many article directories and blog sites as you can, Step 7 – checked your results, Step 8 – put advertising on your web site.

If you are not generating revenue at this point STOP and go back and reread the first 4 article marketing basics articles again and find out what you are missing. This is the point in your article marketing career you will be fine tuning your campaign. No point in fine tuning something that is not working.

Step 9:

Check your results again. Your Google AdSense and Google Analytics account are of a tremendous help at this point. The AdSense information will tell you the overall traffic to your web site, It will tell you how many visitors are coming to your web site and how many people are clicking on your Google ads. If you are getting 1000 new visitors to your web site each month and you also get 100 clicks on the Google ads they you have a 10 percent click through rate. That is excellent Having a click through rate between 1 and 12 percent is not uncommon. Set a realistic goal to shoot for. Try and get 50 percent more visitors to your web site with a 2 percent increase in your current click through rate.

Check your Google Analytics account. The Analytics information can tell you which of your articles is the most popular, how long each visitor spent on each page and if they viewed more than one page. It can also tell you what keywords brought the most visitors to your website. The hold point in this results checking process is to find out what you are doing right and what you are doing wrong.

If your post popular article is on joining a wine of the month club then you need to create some more articles on the different wine clubs available. If your most popular keyword is French wines then create some more articles on that subject.

If you find that your visitors are only spending 4 seconds on each of your articles then you need to ask yourself why? Perhaps they are looking for a specific product to buy and your ads are not addressing their needs.

Check your commission junction reports and see what ads are giving you the best return. Is the ads in your article at the top, right side, left side, bottom or in the middle giving your your best click through rate. Perhaps banner ads work better than text ads or tower ads. Depending on your web site design a specific type of ad at a specific location can make the web site or break it. You will need to experiment and find out what works for you.

Lets say that you are happy with your visitors per month and your click through rate is good but you are not generating any sales. There can be several reasons for this type of problem. The first and least likely is that the company you are dealing with cannot close the deal because they have a lousy sales team. Any company that is selling products on-line and cannot make a sale will not be in business for very long. The second problem is that the landing page your potential customers was poorly designed.

Companies are constantly trying new ad campaign and if a specific ad campaign or sales page does not work very well they do not delete it. It costs them nothing to have a sales page on their web site that only converts 1 in every 10,000 visitors. A lot of web site owners never change their web site ads once they are on line and are off on another project. If the company removed their sales page then potential They just create a new one and hopefully get better results.

When you are getting links in your commission junction account there is an option to view the landing page that hat link is point to. Click on it and see if it is something that would stimulate to purchase from that company. If you do not like that sales page then find another link and repeat

Step 10:

Pick a realistic goal. Is $10, $50, $100 or $500 in sales per month or per year enough for you? Keep tweaking your web site until your goals has been reached. When that is accomplished figure you will need to create one new article per month for that article marketing campaign to keep it fresh and to keep your AdSense revenue and sales revenue on the rise. 

Step 11:

Congratulation; you are now a successful Internet marketer. Now go and do it all over again and continue to do steps 1 through 10 over and over until you have reached your income goal.

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