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When Writing An Optimized Title For YouTube The most important text to optimize is the title of your video. Think of your title as a headline. YouTube limits titles to 120 characters for the space, This means that most titles will be limited to about 20 words. And the typical search term is now is about three words long. So it’s now possible to optimize your title for up to six search terms instead of just three. It is very important that you choose the six search terms wisely. Please use our article information if you plan on doing some article video marketing using an article converter.

 If you want to make your video from articles using an article to video converter, then there are some simple questions That Kipling the famous writer used for his writings. You can ask yourself These same questions before you start crafting you YouTube Video title tag. Ask the question Who Said What?, or what happened to whom?, Why did who say what?, or how did what happen to whom? Also When or where did the things occur? I recommend you use these questions when you are crafting your video title tag. You should organize your video keywords you are going to use under each of these questions so it will make it much easier to start your title writing. As you get the hang of it you will find you can write optimized video titles just as easy as un-optimized titles.  There are some other optimization of video title tags that I would like to share with you. I call this little video optimization title technique “ The fish story” (because I love to fish) Visualize that you had  had 4 fish ready to spawn decreasing in size placed right next to each other. Know I look for popular keywords nested within longer search terms. For example “spawning bass” is a popular keyword, which would be the big fish and “nesting spawning bass” which would be a smaller fish is a longer search term. By using longer the longer search term, my video will get found when someone is searching on YouTube for “spawning bass” or “nesting spawning bass”. But , if I only used the popular keyword of “spawning bass” then my video will get found if someone searches for “spawning bass”. It may not get found get found if someone searches for “nesting spawning bass” because I did not include “nesting” in my title. Just a note , that on Youtube on any page other than the watch page, only 32 characters of the title are will be displayed followed by an ellipsis (…) So the first five words in your YouTube video title tag will be ever so important. If you want to include any brand name in your title it is best to put it in the last part of the title tag. You could use the same theory if you wanted to put your newspaper articles on video, by using the longer search terms. May I suggest when you use our detailed information to put your newspaper articles on video that you think about using a article to video converter program.

Well that concludes my article about articles to video. Have a great day!

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