Basics of SEO

It is a cyber legend that search Engine friendly websites may give you 70 to 80% of the web traffic. They say that this is true mainly because of one very important reason; people who use search engines clicked that button simply because they want to avail of the service and buy products. They made an effort in finding that ideal internet site, to make that extraordinary purchase.

And so whether you believe in this cyber legend or not, the truth is people who have worshiped the gods of search engines as sites give out information on how to rank on their search results have achieved an enormous amount of traffic. Hence, search engine optimization was born.

Basically search engine optimization is defined as a process to make ones own internet site pleasing to search engines. You keep to the basic knowledge that people know about rankings and hope that you top the search results and get that high traffic you have been waiting for. At no time you have a high page rank already. Therefore what are a few of the most treasured tips of SEO experts? Here are some that might help you in figuring out how SEO works.

First are the keywords. Making sure that you simply have appropriate keywords and meta tags for a webpage is like putting up the proper banners and logo for your store. Any time you are you have posted something different or inappropriate customers won’t come barging in. You don’t want pictures of flowers in ones own meat shop don’t you?

Second is the white hat approach. Search engines have special regulations that govern the Search Engine Kingdom. You must be aware of these regulations. Strategies like putting too much phrases in one sentence or placing unrelated phrases just to get traffic are some no-no’s in the SEO game.

Lastly, domain names play a vital part. It is the major address within your website so it must contain key phrases and useful information about ones own online site. Search engines use this address to put you in the search results. Domain names are like the unseen facade of your site.

In conclusion, you might as well be mindful that search engines want to achieve what they are made for, helping the client find the proper websites and information. Subsequently what better way to help them than to provide great info and seamless products and services?  You must be a great website to please the gods of search engines, and what better means to do this than to just commit to excellence. Soon organic and authentic traffic will just come pouring in.

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