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airline video marketingThe newest figures indicate that 60 percent of marketers are including video marketing in their e-mail campaigns. While you may have been an early adopter, and the hope is that you will be more successful in creatively harnessing the power of video marketing than your competitors, this may mean that you should expect at some point in the future 60% of your competitors may be using videos as well. For an excellent case study of how to stand out in an industry in which everyone is adopting video marketing, we can look at airlines around the world.

It’s a little bit difficult to say who started it, but airline videos on YouTube have become a serious game of one-upmanship. The competition has now reached such a point that Simpliflying, a marketing consulting agency specializing just in airlines, gives out an award for best use of social media by established and emerging airlines. Perhaps the most important thing that all extremely popular airline videos have in common is this, though: due to creativity, they’re extremely sharable.

Virgin America managed to wrangle a standard safety video into a YouTube friendly viral musical number that now has over six million views. That means six million individuals chose to voluntarily watch an airline safety presentation from the comfort of their own homes, most likely because it was shared with them either directly or by a media source.

Just a sheer, viral nature isn’t the only thing that makes a video sharable, however. British Airways is making the most of YouTube features by launching a campaign that allows users to customize their experience by clicking certain sections of the YouTube video to determine what video is shown to them next. The company seems to have invented the perfect way to convince customers to click on several of the company’s videos without feeling badgered.

The reason that airlines have embraced video marketing to such an extent is that, like even the smallest sole proprietorship, they have a need to reach the largest amount of people by the most cost effective means possible, according to Stephanie Davis, industry director of travel at Google.  Video marketing provides airlines with the same benefit that it provides to your company: endless possibilities to highlight different facets of your product. Airlines can create entire series of videos that focus solely on their food options. Likewise, you can create a series of short videos that focus on any group of selling points for your brand.

Airlines are now locked in a friendly and fierce competition for the most clever travel videos on YouTube. By following their lead, making videos that highlight your product in several clever permutations, you can stay ahead of competitors.

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