Forum Marketing is a terrific way to get targeted website visitors to your website by having your link in your signature.

The first thing you are going to do is find a forum in your niche. So how do you find a forum to join you say? Open google and type in your topic followed by the word forums, like this “make money online forums”. This will bring up a list, take a look at them, and select one or two to start with. Sign up and upload a photo of yourself to make it more personal.

Next, create your signature – have something in your signature that kind of shows off what you have at your website that makes people curious, invokes curiousity, and entices your reader to think “I like that post that this person wrote and look at the bottom here
that sounds interesting, I will click and take a look at this site”.

Next up, Look and see if there is a section that talks about new members or how to introduce yourself. Then just start posting. Now if you are brand new to forums, understand that in a forum there is something called a “thread”. A thread is a subject and when you reply you create a new post.

Also, every comment that you make allows for a link below your comment, that link is known as a “signature”.Every time you comment on a forum, put your signature with the link back to your website. You want to make sure that you create a “STAND OUT” signature to interest the readers to click your link.

Now since you are on a forum focusing on the topic of your website, the readers are already interested in the topic your webpage is about because they are at the forum – i.e. targeted traffic.

Be positive, its always good to be positive in a forum even if you don’t agree with them – don’t get negative or participate in negativity. People gravitate more toward positive people.

Being a good forum participant means being solution oriented. If someone has written something and you feel you can help, post. Be active.

That’s it, just comment on other people’s posts with your signature. This will indeed bring visitors to your website over time, and for free, I might add.

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