Building your links is of high importance for any IM project or campaign. The highest quality backlinks will serve you very well to gain the best position on page one of search engines. Lacking in quality, relevant backlinks to your site will only result in little traffic from the engines. But the desire to get the best links, marketers often make costly mistakes with backlinks. Even though some mistakes look really small, their effects can be devastating. Next we’ll talk about how to avoid these common linking mistakes so you can stay on good terms with the search engines.

One mistake seen is using an image for a link when it’s possible to create a text link using a relevant keyword/phrase. Trying to get quick results usually causes a lot of mistakes in marketing. Anchor text errors fall into this group. If properly executed, an image link can lead to higher traffic referrals, but for SEO a text link with your keywords is preferred. There’s a common misperception that an image link is always preferred over text links. Your traffic will be much more targeted because you’ll be ranked for the correct keywords. Google and all search engines like to see keywords in link anchor text. An image link is fine but only if it’s the only choice.

The next mistake is buying good backlinks, but the anchor text is not appropriate to you. Pointless anchor text will not necessarily penalize you, but you won’t get as much effectiveness as possible, either. Be sure to only use relevant keywords in your link text.

If you get a backlink and it doesn’t have your keyword in the anchor text, the search engines would rank it for the wrong keywords, which can get you a penalty too. Some marketers may think the anchor text is less important than the backlink, that’s not correct. The keywords you decide to use in your anchor text are just as important as having a backlink. The best approach is to determine which keywords you want to rank for, and then use them as anchor text.

In conclusion, if you’re patient with your link building efforts and you avoid these common mistakes, you should get the results you want. It will only be a matter of time before you have strong backlinks that help you with your search engine rankings.

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