Video Marketing Santa Rosa, CAYouTube recently announced that it would be removing its video response feature, which allowed individuals to engage with video makers by posting their own videos that addressed aspects of the original presentation and started a dialogue through video. While the ability to garner video responses was useful for campaigns that encouraged customers to share their opinions and feelings and for contests, YouTube shared that video responses were only receiving a click through rate of 4 out of 1 million users, or .0004%. Here are a few ways to encourage your consumers or subscribers to start a video dialogue with your company or about one of your products now that YouTube video responses are no longer an option.

Bring the Video Conversation to Twitter
Many of your customers may already be posting personal videos through their Twitter accounts using either Instagram video or Vine. Several companies have encouraged customers to make Vine videos depicting something brand-specific, such as the clothing company ASOS which encouraged consumers to post videos of themselves unpacking their shipped orders from the company accompanied by the hashtag #ASOSunbox, making the campaign easily searchable on Twitter.

Place a Video in Your Newsletter
In the past, when companies attempted to embed videos in newsletters, they were often blocked as unsafe files. However, newsletter applications are working more efficiently than ever with video sites to allow you to embed code that make the safe source of your video clear. Wistia for the newsletter application Mailchimp will even allow you to track how much of the newsletter video your customers are watching. If you want to make sure that your video isn’t being blocked as a security issue, the marketing company Expertise on Tap recommends the novel solution of including a screen grab with a large “play” button. This gives customers a more appealing visual that will entice them to view instead of simply seeing the words, “Click here for video.”

Engage With Facebook
Facebook is still the most prevalent social media platform, with over 1.1 billion users as of May 2013 which is more than the populations of the US, Japan, Russia, Brazil and Mexico combined. Embedding a video in your company’s Facebook page may still be the best way for it to reach your consumers, and it allows them to engage by posting not only comments, but also allowing them to like your video, share it, post images, GIFs, and videos that they feel may be relevant in response. Even if you share a video through your newsletter, Twitter or YouTube, embedding in Facebook can always be a unique method of engagement.

While YouTube responses may not have popular according to the company’s internal analytics, they were a singular way for businesses to engage with the public. Luckily, the options provided may allow for even more in-depth conversations with your customers through multiple sources.

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