What is Squidoo? Some may have heard of it but nott too familiar with the real idea behind the name. Squidoo is utilized by web masters and writers to advertise a web websites.  In the old days, they spend cash in order to upload original articles to a directory, but since the birth of Squidoo, they do not have to do the same. Squidoo uses lenses to expose the articles instead. They do not need to pull a single penny out out of their pockets considering creating lenses are free and what is more interesting is for you to can create as much lenses as you want! It is unlimited and anyone can create lenses on their own with these easy steps:

Making a useful title for the lens is an important step. Ensure it can attract the attention of viewers as much as possible. In making the articles, use key phrases or phrases to advertise a business or company. These steps are essential therefore the fruits of their hard labor would be read and acknowledged by viewers. Targeting audience is also important to create a big impact among the group of people the marketers or advertisers want to reach out to. 

After creating a lens with a useful content and articles, create a sensible URL for it. Always remember that this would certainly be the one chance to make the URL for the reason that once it is submitted, editing of the URL is going to be impossible. Create a URL that will last long for the company. The next step is to pick the accurate category for the company’s lens. Squidoo contains various categories and advertisers as well as marketers. These marketers must be able to categorize lens properly, considering it will be rated according to its usage.

The last step in completing the lens is tagging it. Tagging the lens will help in promoting the products or services of the company. The lens can accommodate more or less three tags each. Additional tags up to 30 can then be added in the later part. Put modules for the reason that this will help advertisers rank better in Squidoo.

In Squidoo, marketers are allowed to add a bunch of article content or features that can earn capital into lens in just one click. For short, modules in Squidoo makes it easier of them to categorize and tag. Search through the hundreds of modules they have and add as many as you want. Now, the web internet sites is ready! But the job does not stop there. Updating web internet site regularly is required to inform clients the latest buzz regarding the products of services offered by the company.

Squidoo is definitely a one stop software to improve marketing and advertising online. What are you waiting for , make as many lens as you can now. Enjoy!

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