You have the product, you have the website, now how do you find out who has visited your site, where they came from, and all that other information? Your friends and family may love how your new site looks, but that doesn’t mean that it will appeal to the audience you are targeting and convert that audience into paying customers. Google Analytics can give you that information and much more so you can vault your online business over your competitor’s. You can get vital information through Analytics, such as who visited your website, where they are in the world, are they repeat visitors, and more. Apart from this you’d be able to view the growing trends and find out what type of audience is hitting your site, and what the duration of their stay is. If you need to know which pages are working and which ones aren’t, use this program to track and report on each page separately so you can change the pages to work for you. Below you will find a few of the features Google Analytics provides that makes it an absolute asset to any online business.

You will be able to track your business revenue so much easier with Google Analytics. Very thorough by design, this e-commerce module comes included with Analytics. In reality, you are able to employ it as an efficient stock management system for your enterprise. It allows you to track any orders including offline or online, shows you your business revenue by category, channel, keyword as well as conversion rates and a number of other helpful measurements. So that you are able to start ecommerce reporting with your Analytics account, simply log on to it and select the “edit” button which lies next to the profile that you wish to enable. Once you reach the profile settings page, hit the ‘edit next’ link that leads to the main website profile info. Once there, click the ‘Yes’ button next to the ‘e-commerce radio’ button to enable it. Then all that remains is for you to key in the tracking code which Google gives you. That’s all it takes to reap the advantage of this powerful feature.

Another good side affect of using Analytics is that you get great data on your ’sales funnel;’ having this information gives you the chance to analyze and repair it. This procedure of optimizing and analyzing a sales funnel is really very easy and obvious, when using Analytics. If you just set the goal correctly then you’d be able to carefully analyze each of the stages of the sales funnel and optimize it accordingly to grow your conversions. Analytics offers this very easy to use, and equally beneficial tool.

Often times, you are simply not aware how far the visitor traveled into your sales funnel before they gave up. When you are able to see the stopping point, it is far easier to repair the problem that is impeding your sales.

All in all, keeping track of your visitors and learning what they want is important if you want your online business to be successful. Google Analytics is a device that you must work into your company in order to obtain essential information regarding your enterprise. Take the time to evaluate Google Analytics, apply it to your online business, and be amazed at how quickly you get information about your visitors.

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