While researching the different ways you can make money online, undoubtedly someone will tell you that you should write articles for money. You will likely hear at least one person saying you should write articles for others because it is simple. Honestly, to some people article writing comes easily. For some, though, article writing can be difficult. People who are good at writing articles make it seem simple. If you feel article writing is a good way for you to earn money, there are some things you need to know about writing articles for the internet.

As with any endeavor, you will have to do quite a bit of marketing. You will need a few hours every day just for marketing and seeking out clients. Thankfully there are quite a few ways that you can do this. You can participate in forums. Article directories can be a good way to start building a portfolio by submitting your own work. You can get in touch with potential customers to tell them that you care now offering article creation services. Think outside the box! If you catch the writing bug you can also market yourself offline. Are you ready to learn how the pros make their money online? Then have a look at this Halloween Super Affiliate website.

Keep track of all the money you make as a writer. Taxes differ from place to place, but in general any money you make writing is considered taxable income. If you use Paypal or another online processor, it’s still necessary to claim earning that you receive.

Make it a habit to record every dollar you make so that you won’t be confused when tax time comes. An accountant can help you understand your finances and show you how to do things like make estimated tax payments. Writing articles online is a business and has to be taken seriously!

Have you ever written for a client or publication in the past? You can increase your experience levels on your own. The fastest way to get this happening is to start your own blog. Some people use blogs to get into the habit of writing each day, although it may not always be considered valid “writing experience”. You can direct your clients to your blog easily to show them your style. Your blog could also be easily monetized and earn a few extra dollars. You could find you’re earning a bit extra while you work on growing your new business. Come see this innovative online money making method at this Halloween Super Affiliate web site.

Some people may find that writing articles for money can be difficult to break into. If you can manage to find great clients and turn out great work consistently, you’ll also find it can be very lucrative. The problem most new writers face is one of difficulty. On the surface, writing articles looks easy. It does not take most newbies long to discover just how much work goes into creating an article. If you put in the work needed, you’ll quickly discover that it’s quite profitable to write articles for money.


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Ryan Perry has taken his 10+ years of business ownership and hands-on marketing skills and focused them on online marketing. In April of 2009, he started Simple Biz Support with an emphasis on Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Ryan is propelling local business websites to the top of Google, Yahoo and Bing resulting in increased market exposure and revenue for his clients using a variety of internet marketing tools including blogs, article submissions and video. Additionally, Ryan speaks and vlogs (video blogs) about internet marketing, educating business owners how to effectively use various SEO tools and techniques to promote their business on the internet. Ryan currently resides in Santa Rosa, CA. Connect with Ryan on Google+