Article marketing is nothing new to savvy Internet marketers who have traditionally made use of this technique in promoting their products and services as well as to generate more traffic for their websites. Some may hold the opinion that article marketing has outlived its usefulness among the online marketing techniques but this is not true. Article marketing is beginning to grow at a rate like never before. This isn’t saying that you are going to suddenly gain thousands of hits to your site, but it is going to pick up traffic in a big way, and that’s always a good thing. My Article Network was created by Matt Callen as a service designed to assist online marketers in making the most of their efforts to raise site traffic from potential customers. Marketers are given an edge over their competitors through the thousands of partnering websites that make up My Article Network’s submission network which can translate into a greater distribution and exposure. My Article Network brings article marketing to a new level which makes My Article Network one of the most effective services for marketing on the net. This article reviews the services offered by My Article Network and explains the features a bit more in detail.

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The whole system works in a very synchronized and an effective way. There are tons of website owners who are looking out for content on a regular basis, which is why this service proves to be extremely helpful to them. They simply register with My Article Network and consent to putting up articles that the network receives as submissions. This proves to be beneficial for both writers and those who publish the articles. Writers who provide content for the network are then able to post their articles to these web sites under “guest blog posts”. Yet the best factor involved in this service centers on how it differs from alternative article marketing services available because of the link building involved. You are allowed to place a link in the article’s body itself, so you don’t have to use the resource boxes anymore. What’s more, you’re even allowed to have to Youtube videos directly embedded in the articles since you can put in any links you want. You need to consider the latest trends in web marketing like what is seen on this 9 5 Annihilation page.

It is easy to subscribe to My Article Network and begin using it to give your article marketing the boost it needs to be a successful project. Once you have paid your fees there’s no turning back, your articles will be everywhere you can think of without much effort on your part. Besides that, you also receive the benefit of having your articles disseminated extensively to hundreds of specific web sites, and this translates to not needing to operate under rules that such article directories typically enforce. All you need to do is write high quality blog posts and keep submitting them to the network. When you get on board to do this, you’re going to see your traffic levels jump significantly. The greatest thing concerning My Article Network revolves around the monthly cost, offered at a reasonable $47 per month. Everywhere you look these days, marketers are turning to techniques such as can be seen on this 9 5 Annihilation page.

My Article Network is overwhelmed by Online Marketeers who absolutely love their service because there is so much need for such an article distributing service that generates real results. ”My Article Network” is one of those must have advertising and promotional tools that you need to have in your corner so you can maximize your earnings potential and create a huge following!

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