Almost all online marketers know very well how important relevant backlinks are to effective SEO. So they simply do the work necessary to get as many relevant backlinks as possible to get as much organic search traffic as possible. But some marketers invariably achieve poor SEO results due to common backlinking missteps.

Every marketer makes mistakes, and sometimes they are costly ones. So that’s why it’s a good idea to learn from others with more experience. In this article we will be discussing linking mistakes that can be easily avoided once you know what they are.

One terrible situation that can pass without awareness is having a link on a page that will never be seen by the search engines. For example, everything can be just right in terms of link quality, anchor text, and ‘follow’ attribute. But it does not get seen by the search engines, so it will not count at all. Do you understand? This often happens with link exchanges. Your link does not get posted or is removed later on.

Search engine spiders won’t crawl a page that has the ‘no index, no follow’ attribute, or if the page has dynamic code in it. And that’s exactly why you do need to remember to check back on your links to verify that they can still be seen by the engines. Link building will consume your time, so it’s in your best interest to know what you’re doing. Doing the same mistakes repeatedly will make it nearly impossible to fix.

One other often seen mistake is to sell links. A lot of marketers have paid links on their sites, and this will definitely hurt them in the long-run. But many marketers who want to do this use because they maintain a low profile. Just keep in mind that not every network that does this cares if they’re seen, or not. Also, don’t make the mistake of having direct phrases such as “Buy PR 6 links for only $9?, which would be a direct hint that you’re selling links on your site. Really though, the safest route is just don’t do it. That way you’ll ensure your site’s rankings are not hurt in the future.

Try to remember what you’ve learned here today, and your backlinks are assured to be of the highest quality and relevance. Patience and virtue will win for you, so take it easy and you’ll have excellent results.

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