Press release is a great way to get maximal exposure for your product or website. When writing press release, make sure the information is newsworthy. You must be able to tell your audience that the information is intended for them and why they should continue to read it. In writing your press release avoid excessive use of adjectives and fancy language and alway stick with the facts.

First, let’s us discuss the how we going to write our press release. To write a press release on your website or products that you going to promote, you should have the following:

1. Headlines
When doing a press release, use a good headline. The headline must be an attention grabber. Just like a news headline if your headline can’t attract reader no matter how good your content is, nobody will read it. To have the best headline, try to relate it to events, news or occasions that occur recently. Recently, I did a press release to promote one of my investing website for a gold investing book. I used the recent gold rally as the headline to bring up my product. The headline must be’jam-packed’ with keywords from your niche.

2. Opening Paragraph
Opening paragraph must be able to keep the interest of reader. As with the headlines, try to use references to the major events as opening paragraphs and try to bring in the product through the events.

3. Quotes or Dialoges
It is always good to include quotes or testimonials from someone who has use your product or your website’s services. This will give credibility to the product or website you are promoting.

4. Body of Press Release
The body of the paragraph should be simple and give an short decision of your product which should be packed with keywords.

5. Conclusion
You should conclude by giving the readers reconfirmations of the benefits of the product and website's services. Lastly, you should include contact information for readers to contact you or get more information of the product.

The author is a plumber and works on bathroom renovation and home inspection.

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