Social networking has become a common way to socialize with people from everywhere. Despite the Internet’s ability to allow people to interact in differing ways, none of these other methods seemed to have the effect that social networking has on creating connections between people. One social network that has taken the World Wide Web by storm is Facebook. Facebook has become the de facto identity for people online that if you do not have an account it may seem like you are disconnected.

Every day, people use their Facebook profiles to network with other people that have the same interests, play games together, and communicate on an unparalleled level. Doesn’t this look like a perfect place to find a customer for your product/service? It would be perfect! There has been an explosion of advertising and marketing efforts that are initiated on Facebook as the industry gets a grasp on the reach of the platform. And since Facebook has millions of users with a huge range of interests, it’s a virtual goldmine for online marketing. In this article, we’ll discuss the ways in which you can get the word out about your business through Facebook.

Facebook started monetizing their service once they reached a couple of million users. Social Ads is a service that allows you to place ads directed at a specific audience on Facebook. Compared to other PPC services like Google Adwords, Facebook’s Social Ads service is much more straightforward. Positive results are more common with these ads, because they can be tailored to a certain audience, by specifying gender, interest, age group, or other criteria of your choosing. People randomly clicking on your ads, when they are not really interested in your products, can be a problem with these type of ads. However, due to the targeting that these ads perform, just the right people will find your ad. This means your ad will get a higher click-through-rate, which in turn means more traffic for you. It’s also possible to put a picture on your ad that’s thought provoking and interesting to your prospect. You’ll be able to increase the trust factor and the appeal of your ad, making it more responsive.

There are other ways to advertise on Facebook besides paying for advertising, and a couple of those are to use groups or pages. This is an easy way to reach a large number of people and get a higher response through word of mouth. All you have to do is create your own group or page in Facebook that focuses attention on your product. The next thing you must do is draw in as much traffic as you can by bringing people to your page. It’s always possible to add members to a group, but a page can only attract fans, so keep this in mind. With pages, you have to advertise it through some other means if you want it to get the traffic you desire. Either route you choose is going to help your following grow and bring you more customers for your product.

The bottomline is that Facebook has become a social network with a purpose. If you use it right, Facebook can really help your business and assist in marketing your products and services to a fresh customer base. Make sure to stay ahead of the game by ensuring that your social media marketing plan is working effectively and is continuing to target the proper audience.

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