One business strategy to increase online business is to make a website that will let customers to see the list of your products and services, place their orders and make payments. These websites can only be found if the customer is actively looking for the particular product or service you are offering. What if others do not search for your product but they can possibly benefit from them? So you have to let people know about your products and services. If you use the traditional way of advertising you might shell out some money but you are unsure whether your website will have guests. You can try a less costly way, pay per click search engine advertising.

Pay per click search engine advertising is an advertising model used on websites where the advertisers pay their host each time their ad is clicked. In this kind of advertising, small texts are utilized and published in search engines and they serve as a link to your website. In this kind of advertising, you pay based on how many times your advertisement is clicked. Your advertisement is shown if a search engine user types in a search that matches your ad’s keyword list.

Pay per click search engine advertising was a brainchild of Jeffrey Brewer of and he presented it to TED Conference in California in 1988. In the same year, Google used the same advertising model and after more than a decade, used Adword. The advertising fee depends on cost per thousand impressions. was used by Yahoo in 2001. The next year, search engines used cost per click.

Basically, to start a pay per click search engine advertising campaign, you first need to know your budget and the how much risk you are willing to take. Remember that the bigger the search engine is, the lesser is the risk but the greater is the cost due to the efficiency of the search engine in terms of marketing and customer service.

Make sure to prepare properly your advertising key words. You are to prepare a headline that will serve as key on the search result page, as well as some information about your products and services. Then open an account with a PPC search engine and determine your method of payment.

There are two types of costing for pay per click search engine advertising. These are flat rate and bid rate. In the flat rate type, you and the publisher will agree upon a fixed amount. However, in bid based costing, both parties sign a contract that lets the advertiser join an auction conducted by the publisher. This auction plays out every time a visitor triggers the ad spot in an automated fashion. Each time a visitor clicks, the advertiser shall pay the amount he/she bid.

If you are new to pay per click search engine advertising, it is advisable to start with a popular host such as Yahoo or Google and experiment from there. Browse the internet for other possible search engines so you can give the best for your business.

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