Good morning, internet fans. It is Ryan Perry with Simple Biz… Biz… Simple Biz Support. Holy smokes! Can’t forget my own business name. It is Wednesday morning and we are speaking with the lovely and talented Sarah Giometti with ICT Marketing. Good morning Sarah.

Sarah Giometti: Good morning Ryan. How are you?

RP: I’m doing wonderful, thank you. We were just talking before we went live on air that soccer is in the air and it is evident by the newest Google doodle. I don’t know if you’ve seen it yet?

SG: I have.

RP: Yes. The L is kicking a soccer ball against the E. So if you are horribly bored at work and you like to watch grass grow, feel free to go to and check the L kick a soccer ball into the E. I don’t know if there is any sublingual, subconscious stuff going on there with the programmers with L’s and E’s, I don’t know.

SG: Yeah, I have no idea.

RP: Sometimes I get off on a tangent. Today, we are going to recap a little bit of last week. We had a little software snafu last week, anybody that was watching, where Sarah it was all you. It was just you last week. You could hear us, but we could only see you.

SG: Yes, it was a little too much of me last week and that of Ryan and his screen shares, so we’re going to kind of repeat what we did last week so that maybe you can see what Ryan was trying to show you.

RP: That is true. One of the things that we were talking about last week is the importance from a marketing point of view, branding point of view for your business is Google Plus, and I think there’s a lot of misunderstandings from business owners around Google, Google Plus. Google hasn’t always made it simple, especially when we’re integrating Google Local, which is the map section into your Google Plus business page. And I just found out recently that Google actually has an 800 number. So as a business owner if you have multiple addresses out there, if somebody set up your Google Plus account and you don’t have that username or password anymore and you want to actually claim your business information, you can actually call Google, which for me is very impressive because normally you cannot call Google for anything. And they will actually go through and find all the Google Plus accounts that you have and, by the way, Google doesn’t like multiple Google Plus accounts. So as a business owner if you know that you have multiple Google business accounts, it’s very, very important that you get that taken care of and just restrict it down to one, because they are considered spam otherwise, having multiple accounts.

So why don’t we… Why don’t we… I was just thinking why don’t we kind of walk through real quick Google Plus and how that works, and the fact that Google Plus is very much like YouTube or, excuse me, like Facebook in the sense that you have to have a personal account in order to gain access to your business account. So I’ve logged in to my account, and when you do that, we’re just simply in a Google search bar at this point, but in the upper right hand corner is the picture that I’ve uploaded. If I click “view my profile,” this is my personal Google Plus profile, this is not my business. If we go back up to the picture again and click on it, any accounts that you have associated, business accounts that you have associated with your Google Plus personal account will be listed here. So I’m going to go ahead and click on my business account. And we talked about branding in the past, we wanna make sure that we have a good branding, we have a good profile picture. For myself being an individual, I have a individual picture. Sarah, on the other hand, ICT, we have a partner, multiple locations. Therefore, you guys have actually uploaded a logo.

But this is… This is the actual business account and this you wanna make sure is linked to your YouTube account. One of the easiest ways to determine that is down here on this menu bar, if you click on YouTube, this will show all the videos. Well, not all the videos ’cause I have more than this, but this is gonna show your current videos. If you have videos up on YouTube, but they’re not showing here, then that means these two accounts are not linked. The other thing you can do is if you go straight into YouTube, YouTube will actually ask you which account when you first log in, do you wanna be a part of and, again, this is a list of all the business accounts, so I’m gonna click on that. And boom, here is my YouTube account.

If you click on “my channel,” the other way that you’ll know that you’re linked is gonna be the profile picture. You cannot change this profile picture. If you try and change the profile picture, it’ll tell you right here that you actually have to edit it on your channel and your channel is your Google Plus account. If I try and edit, it’s going to automatically push me back to my Google Plus account. And from here, I can actually edit the picture which I’m not going to do, so let me cancel this. So these are some easy ways to tell if your account is linked and linked correctly. So any feedback on that, Sarah? Did I miss anything?

SG: I don’t believe so. It’s just that it’s super imperative for businesses to ensure that they have it linked. There’s a lot of bonuses to it. One of the biggest ones are the integration of comments. So, people are watching your video on Google Plus and they comment on that post. Those comments are integrated onto YouTube, so then if another person comes and finds your video through YouTube and they comment there, they see the comments from Google Plus and vice versa. So, its really fully integrated, so it’s really important for clients to, or for businesses to make sure that they do have it connected because it does go hand in hand. And it fosters the engagement and the conversation when you got people on two different platforms, they can talk to each other essentially and comment back and forth to each other because the comments get mixed together.

RP: Yeah. And it’s interesting you bring that up because YouTube has been around for years and years and years. And I don’t think anybody’s really thought of YouTube as a social media website. It’s not a location where I’m going to go and engage and interact with people. And I can’t tell you how many YouTube channels I’ve seen where people have actually responded to a video and there is no followup response from the owner of that video. And social media is all about communication. And if you’re not communicating with your audience, you’re gonna end up… It’s kinda calling your buddy up and when he answers to the phone and you say “Hey, how you’re doing today?” And then there’s nothing on the other end. It’s gonna put a bad taste in your mouth and it could adversely affect your brand. So I think it’s a really smart idea for Google to connect the two accounts, because Google Plus is social media. We think of it as Facebook. Oh, yes I need to pay attention, I need to go in and I need to look and I need to make sure that I respond and by having that conversation show up on your YouTube channel is very, very important.

SG: Absolutely. Totally agree. I’ve been on a plenty of YouTube channels and the businesses just never respond. And people have asked questions and I’ve had the same question, and I see if there’s no answer to the question, well I’m not gonna bother asking the exact same question and I’m not gonna go somewhere else because the question is related to whatever video I was watching. So to have any integration is really good because businesses… You’re right, they think of YouTube as just for a place to put their videos, so they can share it with other locations. They don’t think of it as going there and interacting with their followers.

RP: Right. And the other thing from an SEO point of view, video is becoming increasingly dominant. Just had a client the… Gosh! It’s been about a month ago now, we’re really having an issue of getting their website ranged. And just by creating a keyword-targeted video, a live video, not pictures with a voice over, but an actual video. We threw it up on YouTube, we keyword targeted, and within a week, not only did the YouTube video show up on the first page of Google, but their blog post… We incorporated the video onto a blog post and that blog post showed, I think, three and four within a week. So, from an SEO point of view, doing that and if you get additional conversations going on Google Plus… Again, we’re playing in Google’s backyard and if Google sees that on your Google Plus account there’s multiple conversations, you’re engaging in people, it gives that video more power and therefore it’s gonna rank higher and easier, especially if you’re in a highly competitive keyword search.

SG: Yeah, totally agree. Video is one that… As you know, this is what you do. It’s one of those powerful things for SEO, but it’s also extremely useful in social. We’re visual people, and as we get more and more into on the move and instant gratification on social media, we want pictures and video. Like we wanna see what we want really fast and move on where a lot of us are as a population of visual learners, I can tell you… I mean, every time people wanna learn how to do something, like go to YouTube. Go to YouTube, and watch a video to learn how to do something. Like every time my husband needs to re-tie his tie, I go to YouTube to show me how to do a double Windsor knot. It’s just… It’s really useful, but it’s also useful to use it across the different channels because you have different audiences on each social media platform and you can take your YouTube video and share it on all these different places, and it’s just… It’s a great way to reach a broad audience and for them to see you. And when the people see you, they feel more comfortable with you, they like you, they have a higher trust for you, because they have perceptions of how you look. So, if you look really good and professional, present yourself well on a video, and you give them really good information, it’s just a win-win for the business owner.

RP: That is very true and you look very good and professional today, so thank you.

SG: Oh, thank you. I try very hard.

RP: Alright. Let’s not beat the video up too much. We’ve got about four minutes left. The other thing that we covered that did not go over very well last week because all we saw was Sarah was… We’re also, as we’re starting to use Google Live Hangouts, we’ve found out… Actually, Sarah, you’ve found a cool little tool that increases the professionalism and that is the nice little logo bar down at the bottom here. And it has our pictures, we have our business name and our actual name, and I’m gonna go into a screen share and show you exactly what that looks like. Now, this is a screen capture, is what you’re looking at, we did earlier. We’re using Sarah as our model. Normally, when you just go into Google Live and you do a hangout, the picture and the name does not show up. And what it is, it’s just a little toolbox right here and it’s called the Hangout Toolbox.

SG: Ryan, I’m not seeing the screen share. There it goes.

RP: Apparently I… Okay, I didn’t click the other button, thank you. So this is the banner I’m talking about down at the bottom here and it has Sarah’s picture, has her name, and then also the business. And on the left hand side, it’s just little, I call it lunch pail, and it’s called a hangout toolbox. This is a download, it doesn’t come standard with Google Plus Hangout, it’s something you have to download and I’ll incorporate the link into the bottom of this video, so you can find it real easy. But once you actually install this, you need to click on the toolbar and then on the right hand side, this screen pops open and what we’re actually looking at is what it looks like on my end. So on my end, I actually put the business name on top and then I have my name on the bottom.

RP: You can also upload a logo. Now, the one thing I will warn you about, I tried uploading a logo, but I don’t know what the exact screen or what the exact dimension is pixel-wise and so my logo got squashed, and then I tried uploading a picture and my picture got squashed. So I just left the stock logo that was there. The other nice thing is they have a color picture here. If you’ll notice, mine’s blue, Sarah went with more of her corporate ICT colors, and then what you can do is once you have this turned on and it’s just a little slider, click this button, you can put in a name, hit save, because next time you start up… So if we end this conversation and we start up again, this will disappear. And what you need to do is click on the little toolbox here, come over here, and you’ll see the preset and if you just click on the check box, it’ll automatically load that in. Therefore, if you’re doing multiple types of meetings and you wanna have different information, you can go ahead and have different presets. So that is the toolbox that Google has, and I think it’s a cool little way and it’s a very simple way of increasing the professionalism of your brand.

SG: Totally agree. It also makes the Google Hangout look more like a new story and so it just… It does… It makes it more professional, makes us look better. It also helps people who may be new to the videos that we’re watching or that we’re putting on or the business owners doing this, that it reminds them who they’re listening to and it’s really helping get multiple people. If you don’t recognize people, it’s an easy way to remember who they are. And so, it takes seven to 20 touches for somebody to remember your brand and this just adds to it.

RP: Alright. And I think the other important thing is if you say something smart during the conversation and they see your business name and your name, they can immediately go and do a Google search or they’ll be able to find you without going, “Oh, I wish… What was that guy’s name?” So very, very simple, powerful and easy tool. It is 10 o’clock. So our time is up, but this is your quick tip for the day. If you’re thinking about using Google Live to spread the word of what you do as a small business owner, this is a great simple little tool that will boost your visibility, credibility, and professionalism. Sarah, as always, I appreciate your time, and I hope you have a wonderful day.

SG: Thank you very much, Ryan. I hope you have a wonderful day too.

RP: That is the plan. Take care, bye.

SG: You too, bye.

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