For years the market place has been dominated by advertising. mark attwood Advertising has kept the same formula for decades – create a product, spend loads of money on hit and miss advertising in the press, if you have enough money spend even more of it on hit and miss advertising on TV. Then with TV advertising, there would follow discussions of what part of the day to advertise, how much it would be to advertise primetime, in fornt of certain audience members and so on. Lots of money would be spent on market research asking members of the public if they would buy the product based on age group, gender etc. The effort in marketing a product was immense and even then the results wouldn’t be 100% reliable – however, thenumber of people relying on this method is falling.
mark attwood

The reason being is the internet – responsible for a lot of things, it has also revolutionised advertising massively. It allows Joe Bloggs to make his own decision on what he sees, what he listens to, he can shrink adverts, turn down adverts, can buy products with a click of the mouse. So, how does the old way of seelling something work with this new way of consumer-driven living? Thing is, it doesn’t – people are still bombarded with adverts, but not in the same way as twenty, even ten years ago. mark attwood Google was the main company who quickly showed the contrast between this new way and the old way by setting up free software for advertisers and marketers to decide how, when and where their advert should enter the consciousness of the person. The internet marketer can make sure an advert for say, tennis racquets comes up when someone is doing their own research on tennis racquets – instead of the advert coming up when someone just wants to watch Coronation Street, or read up about global politics in the newpaper for example. This way of advertising is a lot more successful, and you only spend money on the ad when someone who is interested looks at it, rather than someone who has and never will play tennis.

The future is very exciting and there is massive scope for this way, the best thing is to master it in these early days of the internet.

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