Internet searches are very effective to find not solely how common your topic is, however how to line up your autoresponder for most results.

A vast majority of web users notice what they’re looking for by looking out, whether they use a general net search engine like Google or a web site-specific engine to buckle down and do client mega-sites like e-Bay and Amazon.

A quick search on your topic can reveal how several individuals are interested, and what convinces them to test merchandise out.


Without a doubt, Google is the foremost widespread web search engine—thus a lot of so, its name has become a synonym for the act of running a web search (i.e., “I couldn’t find that website that posts the winning lottery numbers, so I simply Googled it.”)

Several web marketers build increasing their website ranking—the “place in line” the positioning seems in Google results using their keywords—one in every of the key parts of their advertising campaigns.

Getting a high ten Google rank (appearing on the primary page of search results) is similar to winning an Olympic gold medal in the selling world.

How will this facilitate your with your market research? By studying the top search results for pages you find through keywords relating to your topic, you can realize out what these sites do to attain search engine success.

The following steps can help you run a good and informative Google search.

1. List keywords and keyword phrases referring to your topic. As an example, if your topic is “working from home”, your list of keywords would possibly be: make money working from home, working from home, work from home, telecommute, telecommuting, at home jobs.

2. Head to the Google home page and type in your 1st keyword or phrase, then click on “Google Search”.

NOTE: If you are not familiar with Google, clicking on “I’m Feeling Lucky” can not manufacture an inventory of net sites; it can take you on to what Google has determined the most relevant web site for your keyword. However if you’re within the mood for fun, you may attempt “I’m Feeling Lucky” simply for kicks.

When you receive the search results, check out the pages that are relevant to your topic (search engines are by no suggests that precise, and sometimes you may find results that don’t relate to your topic—or a minimum of, not within the means you had in mind). The most effective means to try and do this can be to right-click on the links you would like to go to and choose “Open in new window.” This will keep the Google search results page open so you don’t must backtrack through your browser to search out it again.

3. Note the method the sites are laid out (is it appealing and straightforward to browse, or does it make your eyes bleed?), how much text is on the front page (does it seem informative, or is it all hype? Are there a ton of spelling and grammar errors?), and whether or not there is a visible available product. If there’s a website counter, note how many guests the positioning has received.

4. Repeat this method with the remainder of your keywords. You will often find the same sites appearance within the prime ten for various, related searches. Pay special attention to those; they’re the ones you will wish to emulate after you create the web web site for your autoresponder.

NOTE: If you run a Google search on your topic and find solely 2 or 3 related internet sites before the results turn up unrelated material, it may indicate there is a restricted marketplace for your topic. During this case you ought to either rewrite your keywords and try again, or take into account choosing a totally different topic altogether.


It’s said you can buy anything on eBay, from cars and computers to clothing formerly worn by celebrities.

This huge online client marketplace and auction house may be a haven for consumers and sellers looking for nice deals from the comfort of their own homes.

Looking for products related to your topic on eBay can help you home in on your market. It can also help you determine how a lot of patrons are willing to buy products connected to your subject.

Follow these steps to take advantage of eBay for information:

1. Join up for a free eBay account. This personalizes your expertise and allows eBay to produce you with relevant info every time you visit.

2. Move to the eBay home page and log in.

3. Choose one of the classes on the left-hand side of the page that’s relevant to you topic and flick through the listings, or seek for a selected item or topic using the search bar at the top of the page.

4. Create note of the price ranges people are willing to acquire items or merchandise related to your topic. This will give you a general plan of what to charge for yours. Conjointly, note how several product are available related to your topic in comparison to alternative topics. This is often not limited to books: you may find CDs, audio programs, or one of many forms your product can take.

Amazon, the “other” web consumer big, is almost like e-Bay in that you’ll be able to find just about something you wish to buy. Amazon’s biggest choice is in media: books, movies and music; but they additionally have an monumental inventory of electronics, toys, jewelry, clothes and accessories, and much more. Where e-Bay concentrates on selling used products through auctions and classifieds-vogue advertising, Amazon carries new product together with a healthy dose of independent sellers touting used wares.

Your purpose in using Amazon for market analysis is twofold: you may establish your competition and find out how standard your topic is, and you may familiarize yourself with how Amazon works, as you’ll doubtless want to contemplate making your product out there through Amazon.

Here’s how to test it out:

1. Sign on for an Amazon account, if you don’t have already got one. Like eBay, Amazon can give you customized recommendations primarily based on your looking and shopping for history, and keep you updated with the newest on the market info on your topic.

2. Once you’ve signed up, go to the Amazon home page and log in (you’ll be automatically logged in; Amazon extremely likes keeping track of its customers and usually will keep you perpetually signed on, even when you allow the site…)

3. Using the search bar at the top of the page, choose “Books” from the dropdown list and kind in your topic or keywords. The results you get can be both print books and e-books. Since Amazon deals primarily in new product, you will be in a position to read the retail value of competitive products.

4. Create note of prices and the amount of titles obtainable relating to your topic. Conjointly, you may need to think about testing the Listmania sections on the merchandise pages you read (you’ll realize this by scrolling down on the page, nearly to the underside). Listmania is an Amazon program that promotes customer recommendations by allowing Amazon users to compile lists of their favorite books on Amazon. Testing Listmania picks helps you perceive what sort of product your target market is inquisitive about, and how much they’re willing to get hold of it.

5. Once you find a product, if you scroll down past Listmania you may realize sections on “similar things by category” and “similar things by subject.” You’ll browse through the available merchandise related to your topic in this manner while not going back to your search results page.

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