Is MonaVie A Good Place To Build A Network Marketing Business?

So you want to scale the heights in your Monavie business?  Well lets look at the facts of this business model first.

Dallin Larsen founded the company at the beginning of January 2005.  Dallin is the former Usana VP of Sales, Owner of Monarch Health Sciences and VP of Dynamic Essentials.  MonaVie is actually a division of Monarch.  MonaVie uses a Network Marketing model and has a hybrid binary comp plan. Distributors are paid in 9 different ways.

The main product that MonaVie promotes is a superfruit juice, which is made up of the Acai Berry, which is very much in demand at the moment, as well as 18 other juices.  The company claims that it does not contain high levels of sugar.  The juice of the Acai Berry is freeze dried very quickly so as to keep the high levels of antioxidants it contains.

Monavie have reached $1 Billion in sales in 4 years and are now moving into the international market.  They consider this to be the prime time to join the company because of this expansion.

This company seems to have a marketing system in place, which exceeds anything I have seen from other companies on the internet.  They have a businesss building plan with multiple capture pages and auto follow-up emails. They also offer a capture page with a tour of their business for possible distributors to get a feel for the business.  I do not know how much this costs or whether it achieves good results.

The majority of Network Marketing companies offer only a replicated website online, so MonaVie has certainly improved the game.  The Monavie online system was put together by Internet Marketing Experts and will certainly help distirbutors to sponsor people into their business online.

Although it does not include any product, it only cost $50 to join MonaVie.

Ok, so now we have all the info on MonaVie, what about building a top team?  Especially if you do not want to become one of the 97% who fail in MLM.The answer is really quite simple.  It takes dedication, hard work and the ability to ‘stick with it’!  But results are achievable, especially in MonaVie, where they have a large number of people earning over $1 million a year, according to figures from mid 2009!

First you need to utilise a Funded Proposal in your business.  This means that you monetize your list.  You see, when a prospect signs up for your emails, you begin to build a relationship with them, and over time offer them informational products which will help them to build their MLM business, from which you make a commission.

You also need to have a system which will teach your downline how to market on the internet so they get results.  They will need marketing training, using paid and free marketing methods. They will need to know how to position themselves as leaders in the industry.

This way you will be leading your prospects in the correct way to market their own business and putting in the foundations of a top team in MonaVie!

If you want to build a top team with MonaVie you need to cut down your learning curve by jumping onboard the Attraction Marketing and Lead Generation System that Sue uses to build her primary business!!

About Ryan Perry

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