If you’re serious about driving plenty of targeted traffic to your site, you’ll need to get it ranked in with the major search engines. One of the core elements of this is your link building strategy, which is a key element in getting the results you want. Your link building strategy should incorporate several critical elements in order to be done effectively. If you get these factors wrong, then you could be wasting a lot of time and money trying to rank your site in other ways. Correct link building methods will take more than a single day’s effort, but it’s important you get those steps right. This article will be investigating some of the more common mistakes people make when they try link building for themselves.

The first link-building mistake is checking for the link ‘no-follow’attribute. When a search engine spider sees the no-follow’ attribute, it will not follow that link. If your link is placed on a page that uses the no-follow link attribute, then your link will not be able to pass any ‘link juice’ to your site. So be sure to check before you post your link, whether it’s a blog comment or other kind of link.

You can find link exchanges on the net who will provide link-building services, but you need to exercise caution because some of them are dishonest. The link exchange concept is still viable and is white hat SEO, but not all are worth your time and money. If it’s a scam, you will pay them for a link. Then either they take it down a little later, or it’s posted somewhere with a no-follow link attribute. So just check your links periodically, and always try to deal with reputable link exchanges.

Another mistake webmasters make but don’t realize is linking to good websites that turn out to be bad later on. This is not so unusual because all a site has to do is publish content considered objectionable by the search engines. If and when you check for a broken links, it’s a great idea to make sure of where they’re going.

Backlinks are extremely important for the SEO health of your site, which is why you need to pay extra attention to the links you acquire. All diligent marketers keep a close eye on these issues to prevent serious problems. The mistakes we’ve gone over can cost you a lot over time if you let them happen, or don’t do something about it if they are present. They are easy to spot and to fix, too.

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