If you really think about it, MLM prospecting is a basic approach to connect with people and listen to them, know their needs and be there to share with them your experience as a Marketing expert.

The psychology of prospecting: you must Market & Brand yourself; put yourself out there. Be your best possible self. Put valuable content in front of a targeted audience. It’s they opportunity for people to connect with you and for that you must be warm, fell good about yourself. The words that you use will be a huge by-product of the result of what you create. You must have a mind set that is open. Developing a relationship based on their needs not mine or yours. You must touch and inspire others.

There are several personality types but lets break it into two categories: 85% of people buys emotionally, 15% of people buys logicaly (buy based on figures and logique). To be great, you must be in the game and requires passion and energie. You must create the magical word “Profit”.

Marketing = Sales and that means you must be a great listener. You must be result oriented. When people come to your website or to you, it is important that you are able to provide the information they are looking for. This can start building a bond so that they will eventually buy from you. Position yourself as a trusted advisor to your customers. People often will not sign up for a business without having an idea that someone can help them. This is where you need to put yourself forward as a good resource for anyone who may want to join your down the line.

You not only sell products and sevices, but also dreams; and for that you must be a big asker. The more you know and the more tou understand people, the greater the odds that you understand the law of predictability.

Your personnality must be result oriented. First, you must know how to connect and connecting is time. Don’t waste time on people that are not going to buy. You must listen from your heart not from your head. Hear what people mean not what they say.

You have to learn how to persuade people; be a person of influence. You must learn to trust your feeling that will bring you success.

There are 4 steps to MLM Prospecting that have proven to be effective over the years. That prospecting IS a process, not a one time event.

What is the 4 step process?
1) Finding.
Finding is simply looking and searching for the people who will want to use your products and services, and also look at your business.
2) Exposing.
Once you find some people, you need to create an exposure, one that is quick and gives them an idea of who you are looking for, and what the company is about. In the initial exposure, you are only exposing the IDEA, not the information. You want to see if the idea of your product and business is something that they want to know about. But we have found that the best tool to use is one that is brief, to the point, and get the prospect emotional.
3) Separating.
This step is where you come to the realization that there are only 2 types of people you will talk to:
These are the people who listen to you; and the people who do not listen to you. If they want to listen to you, you move forward. This step is essential to master as this is where you stop persecuting people who are not really interested.
4) System.
For those who are willing to listen, get them into your company or upline’s recruiting and retailing system, and let the system do the work.

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