My Article Network, often referred to as MAN, is the newest form of article submission available on the Internet. Under no circumstances should you confuse this new services with any of its older counterparts. My Article Network can put your articles in touch with 20,000 blogs to increase your business’s potential. Although, it is new, we have lots of blog contacts and our network is growing every day. Other sites simply can’t compete with what we have to offer. We are granting you access to a huge network of blogs that will easily increase your business by running your articles. So, realistically, how does My Article Network work? Surprisingly, the entire article submission process is rather straight-forward in its operations. The only thing you need to do is write a comprehensive article submission about your topic, select the corresponding categories, and submit. My Article Network will handle the rest! Here we will outline a few of the elements that make this service so special and how using it can help your business stay ahead of the competition.

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When you start using My Article Network, you’ll notice that the most effective feature is its ability to create “spun” articles.

Your article content spinning is manually controlled which gives you greater influence over the quality of your finished piece- something that other services do not provide. This is a preferred method, as services that offer automates spinning often result in articles that are either difficult to read, are poorly written, or are simply useless content. While you do not need to opt to spin your submissions, it is a recommended technique to help avoid any unintended plagiarism.

But by spinning your article content, you will be more likely to be able to provide the 30% unique minimum content that many blog and network owners require before they will accept an article. Do you want a new way of making a living online rather than the same old affiliate marketing methods, then have a look at this 9 to 5 Annihilation page.

Of course, the more sites that accept and publish your article, the higher the income potential for you and your writing business. As far as spinning goes, perhaps the simplest and most effective method is to create multiple variations on each sentence of the article. The greater number of variances you create, the more flexibility you have to create unique articles. All of the adaptations of the article will deliver the same point, but each of them will do it with unique wording. The software will generate numerous unique variations of each sentence that will provide you with different versions of your article quickly and easily. Since the order will be the same, the article will turn out to be very logical.

Many article submission sites have a minimum word requirement. My Article Network provides many options outside of a 600 word minimum. In addition, you will be able to include up to 3 embedded hypertext links into every piece. Your link may be either a direct or an affiliated link, it is the same to us, and the greatest thing concerning this is that you are able to place these links really wherever you wish in the article. Blog owners than choose to host your articles are not permitted to make any modifications to the articles, allowing you to select where to embed the links that best suits you. Need a better way to make some cash online? Check out this 9 to 5 Annihilation page.

Marketing through articles is a proven way to direct traffic to your site and increase your sales. It is also an excellent way to move up in search engine listings. The simplest method of achieving this lies in joining My Article Network.

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