online video marketing Rohnert Park, CAOnline videos are quickly becoming a more and more important part of web content for businesses. This exciting and effective online marketing strategy should be taken advantage of on YouTube, since it is by far the most popular video website. However, there is much more to it than simply posting videos on YouTube and then crossing your fingers and hoping people watch them. You must optimize them using several different techniques in order to maximize the video’s potential and increase its SEO.

First of all, a good title and an appropriate description for the video you’re publishing are essential. This textual information should contain a keyword or keyword phrase that people can find your business by. (On a technical note, be sure to use 66 characters or fewer in your title so that Google doesn’t trim it down in search results.) For the description, it is important to not only use keywords and variations of keywords, but also to insert a link at the beginning of the description—this is because only the first few lines of the description are visible without clicking the “Show more” button. By including a full URL including the “http://” in your description, you will increase the chances of driving traffic back to your website.

Second, adding tags will help to associate your video with other similarly tagged videos, which will allow your video to be displayed as a “related video.” You should include numerous relevant tags for each video to aid in driving viewers to you and generating additional views from people who were originally watching other videos.

Next up are embedded videos. Naturally, posting your videos in your blog and/or sharing them within various social media outlets will lead to more views. You can even use YouTube Analytics to find out how many views an embedded player on an outside website has received. The Analytics section of your YouTube account can be found under the Video Manager tab.

Finally, you want to solicit as many comments and “thumbs up” ratings as possible. You can do this by, again, sharing your videos on your company blog and on all of the social media outlets your business utilizes. Getting good ratings and receiving a large amount of comments makes your video appear, in the eyes of search engines, to be high quality and worthy of promotion.

Hosting your videos through YouTube instead of through your own webpage is considered a better strategy because of the large, built-in audience YouTube has and the immense potential for your videos showing up in YouTube and Google search results. Uploading your videos to YouTube and using all of the aforementioned tips for greater SEO means that your company has a better chance of being found by an audience who wasn’t necessarily looking for you. This is why it all comes back to quality content; if you share video content that is interesting, informative, valuable, etc., then people will come back for more—they will also share the content for you, spreading your reach to many more people who in turn check in with your YouTube channel and website regularly to see what’s new.

About Ryan Perry

Ryan Perry has taken his 10+ years of business ownership and hands-on marketing skills and focused them on online marketing. In April of 2009, he started Simple Biz Support with an emphasis on Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Ryan is propelling local business websites to the top of Google, Yahoo and Bing resulting in increased market exposure and revenue for his clients using a variety of internet marketing tools including blogs, article submissions and video. Additionally, Ryan speaks and vlogs (video blogs) about internet marketing, educating business owners how to effectively use various SEO tools and techniques to promote their business on the internet. Ryan currently resides in Santa Rosa, CA. Connect with Ryan on Google+