There truly is no comparison between the lifestyle of someone who tries to do everything themselves, verses someone who knows how to successfully outsource their work! There is two things in this business; you either spend time or money. You have to learn to delegate your time. You got to generate your leads. You got to get your people going.

Outsourcing will give you more time to bring your business to a superior level and people will look at you as real professionnal in that business.

Take one or two techniques to start and then outsource those item. For exemple take Article Marketing, do it yourself first; then outsource it. You need to follow up your assistant in outsourcing. This is a global business and time is precious in setting up your business; everyday lost day is money lost in the bank. It will give you time to develop knew ideas; be one step ahead.

Focus on what you do best. You might say “No one can’t do it as well as I can”. Probably true, but meantime you can sign up 10 more peoples. You cannot write an article a day for a long period of time; you are going to have a burnout. They might screw things up; that’s possible. You fix it; give a little more instructions. If it doesn’t work, you get somebody else. You can also write 50 articles and let them write a 100.

Solve your time constraints. Figure out what tasks you can do extremely fast and well. The faster you get yourself going and get leads; the faster you get money in your pocket. Write the tasks you have to do on a daily basis. Do a scedule. Write down what what you get paid for. Figure out where you want to be in 90 days then figure out how many hours you would have to spend to achieve that goal. THEN OUTSOURCE IT.

The first thing to do is to sign up for an account at
o Set up your account.
o Post your job requirements in details; with all you need and want.
o Don’t hesitate to ask questions to would-be collaborator.
o Train and guide them. Be their mentor. Just train them. Your looking for a long term relationship with this person.
o Make sure they communicate well with you fast and efficient, if not move on.
o Typically it should be between $2-$5 an hour for an article, even more if you have less proof reading to do. Even so I would recommend getting someone to go flat rate if you can for articles and or spinning. You gave them the key word and let them do the research, writting and spinning.
o Other tasks typically are better spent hourly then flat rate such as – Facebokk, Calling leads, Sending emails, Setting up Capture pages, etc.

After you have found some potential candidates, you must must look for specific things while interviewing them:
o Ask questions about the task at hand.
o English is an absolute must.
o Make sure they have had experience; ask them to show you the work they have done.
o Above all interview them via Skype only.

Do a trial run give them tasks and stay on them. Manage their work as you develop a bond with them you’ll get to know how and what they will do for you. If they are not performing give them a warning and be reay to move on.

On the “outsourcing” website the job description must be explicite:
o Pick the right category and subcategory.
o What are the skills you need. Be very specific.
o What is important for you.
o Period of time you want.
o Mention that you prefer fixe rate for articles.
o Evaluate their english flexibility.

Explicit search can also be done on the site for people already registered just by entering keywords.

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