Most college students like me find it tough to find ways they could make money quick and easy because of the busy schedule that comes along with studies. Making money fast may seem impossible, but if you are really anxious to earn big sums of money because of your tuition fee and other school related expenses, there are wacky yet sure way to earn money methods that you can do.

Sell your old things you do not use anymore

I am sure there are heaps of things inside your cabinet or in your attic that you do not use anymore and that you could sell for a profit.

Aside from selling your old things in the pawnshop or putting up an ad in the internet classifieds, you could also put up your own garage sale and sell them for a low price to attract potential customers.


The word actually means depending on the charity of strangers for money. You must swallow your pride to beg money from people you do not know if you are that desperate to have the extra cash that you need.

Present in the streets

If you have talents such as playing the guitar, dancing, singing or even telling jokes, you could earn money by presenting in public and giving bystanders a dose of live entertainment. If you have a good act, then it is most possible that spectator will reward you with tips.


The accumulating trash is becoming a global problem nowadays because they just keep on depositing them on the dump site when some of it would not even decompose in a hundred years. If you have PET bottles, soda cans or junk metals lying around the house, then earn money by selling them to junk shops for a profit.

If you do not have enough of the trash that I mentioned before in your house, you could go finding for them in trash cans, parks or along busy roads.

{Join The Sweepstakes}

You could increase your chances of winning by choosing your wager carefully, and sometimes you could even sell the things that you have won. Do not waste your time by entering sweepstakes for a prize that you do not really want nor you can sell for a profit, but always keep in mind that joining sweepstakes with smaller prizes gives you a more realistic chance of winning.

There are some lucky college students who drives around the school on the first day in a shiny convertible, but not all are like that. There are some like me who are in the constant search of ways to make money quick and easy just to make college life easier.

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