Internet marketing offers incredible opportunities for those capable of reaching out and grabbing them. One of the biggest obstacles to success that many Internet marketing professionals encounter is finding a way to effectively manage their time.

Time management is something most employees toiling away in cube farms don’t have to worry about. Their deadlines are set for them by other people. You are your own boss when you create your own Internet marketing business. While that gives you a lot of freedom, it also entails a lot of responsibility. You have to set schedules, make deadlines and work in the most efficient way possible to maximize your return on time invested in your business.

James Schramko, a professional Internet marketer from Australia is now a highly sought after consultant due to his years of experience in the Internet marketing field. Schramko’s strategies have helped many novice Internet marketing professionals build seven-figure businesses.

Schramko has a simple formula for Internet marketing success using effective time management strategies.

Review Your Projects

The first component of the Schramko plan for time management success is careful after-action reviews or all your projects. By evaluating each product, you’ll find things you did right, and things you could have done better. While this sounds like it will be time consuming, in the long run, it will actually save you time as you find more efficient ways of doing things and avoid time-wasting boondoggle tasks.

Project Management Software

Next, you need to invest in some project management and other software. BasecampHQ is a great program for managing your own time and that of any other contractors who may be working with you. By using BasecampHQ, you can sort your projects, team members, tasks and schedules more efficiently. It also has great communications tools for all your team members.Coupling reasonable pricing with iPhone accessibility, you can manage your business from almost anywhere around the world.

When you get your project management program up and running, you wil need to get an e-mail filter to save you time by picking out the junk e-mails from the personal or work e-mails.


Finally, you should avoid spreading yourself too thin and biting off more than you can chew by outsourcing some tasks. Delegate duties you’re not so good at to people who are stronger at these tasks so you don’t spend hours on something that’s not going to turn out that great, anyway. It’ll save you a lot of time and give you more opportunities to focus on your strengths as an internet marketer, and the overall project.

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