By the power vested in social networking web sites, social bookmarking has now become a part in building traffic to web sites.  In bookmarking, web users can store, manage and share varied bookmarks of a certain web page.  Users are permitted to save the links of their favourite internet sites for simple access in the future.  Hence the next time they want to visit the site, they can just easily click the bookmark and the page would go directly to the particular site they have bookmarked. 

With the assistance of social bookmarking, we will be able to simply uplift our web site in a way we don’t have to spend plenty money, time and effort.  Also, it is easy to use and it provides users various approaches to use. 

However following bookmarking policies is as critical because we could be recognized as a spammer and may result in banning us from the site.  We must make sure we will be able to abide to proper techniques in bookmarking to save our web pages from shame. 

Social bookmarking is important in S.E.O due to the following reasons:

1.  Links will be directed to our site or blogs once web users have seen the value of our website.  If they have learned something new or fascinating with the aid of our site, they can surely link our site and promote it to people they know who also will be interested on the products we are advertising.  Thru this, we’ll receive more and more visitors and increase our ranking without doing much. 

2.  Our site will gain higher ranking in search sites if it is being utilised by thousands of users in their accounts in different social network sites.  Each bookmark made to our site increases the renown ranking. 

3.  To be on top list, we need to make our site is as engaging as possible to draw in many web users.  Let us make the contents of our page informative by posting topical contents.  We can use eye catching stills in our blog posts or create amusing title pages, if feasible. 

4.  Invite other contacts to bookmark your page and convince them to do the same.  Know what kind of web users you should target as possible buyers.  If you are advertising products for women, reduce the amount of invitations that will be sent to men contacts.  Be precise when filling up the category areas of each services. 

If you’ve not yet seen and discovered the potential of social bookmarking as a S.E.O strategy then it is time to get into action and use it for your site.  Experience the results and change in your site’s recognition and rankings through social bookmarking.

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