There are many strategies for tracking your website traffic, popularity, visits, and numbers. Not all stats you will get from tracking your site’s acclaim are exact. That’s why we need to get these stats from more than one location of traffic tracking and compare the results to get a pretty definite result that can permit you evaluate your site’s renown and its stability on the net.

The best and most simple way to get the results by only 1 click is to add toolbars in your Firefox browser, which allow you to track your traffic and spy on your competitors’ keywords and links.

The purpose of knowing who your visitors are is to learn how to turn them into potential customers. And a benefit of finding which keyword sounds great in Google is to understand how to win the game against the competition and thus your internet site will be one of top 10 websites listed on the first page in Google.

Easy and Fast stats of Statistics Tracking

1) SEOmoz is the firstly software helping people to know everything about their customers, where they come from, how long they stay in the site, which keywords help them in seeing their links, their real actions, which will make their businesses grow fast by getting a never-ending cycle of visitors and high conversion rate.

2) Google Analytics is as critical as SEOmoz where you can get huge volumes of information about your websites, visitor privacy, and traffic. With Google Analytics, you can gather, view and analyze info about your internet site to boost your focused traffic, conversion rate, and acclaim on the net. Unlike SEOmoz Tools, Google Analytics is totally free!

3) SearchStatus Firefox Add-on is another straightforward way helping you keep tracking your Google PageRank, Alexa rank, Compete ranking and SEOmoz Linkscape mozRank, keyword highlighting, backwards or related links, and others.

4) Alexa Toolbar ( The Web information Company ) provides a wide range of stats of preferred tracking and the information received is virtually precise. And that makes Alexa Toolbar one of the best toolbars you should add in your Firefox browser.

5) is a really interesting tool to test your Google’s PageRank, Alexa Rank, and more. By adding one of its widgets into your website, you’ll let folks know how popular your internet site is, your ranks in Google and Alexa, and Technorati and Yahoo backlinks.

And other powerful internet sites which help you to assemble information about what audience need, why websites are at the top, and how to make visitors revisit your internet site again and again.You could also get some more terribly helpful tools with the Black Belt Live Case Study.

Remember, you need to assemble as much info as practical from those tracking services, and then compare the results to get the most reliable result helping your site to get better position in all search engines including Google, Yahoo and Bing.

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