In the world of copywriting, the name of John Carlton stands out as one of the best copywriters with a highly effective method for boosting sales. He is also a favourite mentor of internet marketing experts like James Schramko, who credits John for teaching him most of what he implements in his marketing campaigns with successful results.

John enjoys teaching what he knows in seminars like his recently concluded “Action Seminar” in San Diego which some of the world’s best sales writers and internet marketers didn’t miss. As usual, John’s followers came out of the seminar loaded with new insights and strategies that they couldn’t wait to implement back home.

Those who were unable to attend John’s seminar could still learn a few writing tips. Fortunately for those who for their own reasons missed the live action seminar, James was on hand to take some notes—a stack of notes, which he planned on sharing online in his coaching forum called SuperFastResults.

What you can learn from John Carlton

Copywriting is a skill that not many are born with but it can be learned through a system developed by an expert like John. While it would seem like an easy solution to just outsource your sales copies, with John Carlton’s Simple Writing System, online and offline marketers can now write their own effective sales messages which boost conversions for them.

Learning the system is worth the time and effort because you can use it in a number of ways: videos, blog posts, ppc ads, live presentations and reports. No other skill is as valuable as copywriting because it is what moves people to action, the missing link between your landing page and cash profits.

Experts in other fields of internet marketing like list-building guru Frank Kern still use John Carlton’s writing system to get people to buy his own information products. Aside from James Schramko, experts like John Reese, Dan Kennedy and Yanik Silver all swear by John’s techniques.

After some weeks of hounding John for his permission to release those notes, James finally announced that you can view them in a special report for FREE at his InternetMarketingSpeed website. The report features tips for attending live seminars, profiting from events, writing and great ideas for business models.

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