Video Summit 2013Anyone interested in online video marketing—whether it’s for advertising your business, educating the public, selling your products and/or services, or a combination of these things—should give plenty of thought to attending this summit in San Francisco. Some of the things attendees can expect include keynote speakers, panelists presenting case studies, debates on best practices, and more. Spaces are limited and registration information can be found here:

Why Should You Attend?

This year, ReelSEO’s Video Marketing Summit has joined forces with the LiveClicker Video Commerce Summit, ensuring a great experience that will no doubt provide plenty of insight into both online video marketing and e-commerce strategies. You’ll get the chance to learn what industry leaders are doing and even preview new products and services which claim to be the future of boosting productivity and results.

There really is something for everyone to take away from the summit—it doesn’t matter if you’re an entrepreneur, video creator, business owner, or digital media specialist. This is a great opportunity to get the most out of your online video marketing efforts by learning from online video marketers and other experts.

Video Summit Schedule

On July 25, the pre-summit activities will commence with a workshop titled “YouTube Marketing Best Practices,” followed by a reception for food, drinks, and networking. Speakers for this workshop include Mark Robertson of ReelSEO, Greg Jarboe of SEO-PR, and Tole Khesin.

Following the registration, breakfast, and welcome introduction on the morning of July 26 will be featured keynote speaker Suzie Reider, who is Director of Media Solutions at Google, Director of Global Industry Development at YouTube, and the former CMO of YouTube. Other scheduled events include:

  • “Contagious Video Content Formulas: How to Infect Hearts, Minds and Wallets”
  • “Beyond Awareness to Advocacy – Optimizing Video Throughout the Customer Lifecycle”
  • “Making Your Videos Famous – The Science of Sharing & Video Diffusion”
  • “Online Video Advertising Best Practices”
  • “Video Metrics that Matter and The Tools I Wish I’d Created”
  • “Content vs. Community – Which is King?”

Pricing Information

Registration options are separated into 3 different categories: Early bird, Advanced, and Full Price. Also, there are three different passes available for sale within these categories: Workshop Only, Video Summit, and All Access Pass. Prices range from $495 to $1295.

If you’re interested in online video marketing for your business or your clients and want to learn more about how to—and how not to—use it to your advantage, take a look at the ReelSEO Video Marketing Summit website here: There you’ll find numerous video marketing news articles, tweets related to this year’s summit, videos explaining the purpose and benefits of the event, hotel information, details on the various sponsors and speakers, and more. Mark Robertson, founder of ReelSEO, promises the summit will “bring together an exclusive group of talented and experienced leaders in the online video and marketing/advertising space and provide them with an interactive platform to share and demonstrate their vast knowledge of what works, as well as perhaps what can be learned from their mistakes.”

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