The amount of competition in the internet web design sector means that there are some great deals available.

So where should I look to gain access to these cheap and cheerful web design services? Well you can try looking in your local yellow pages, on ebay or by searching on one of the major search engines.

I am not a web designer myself; I am in fact involved with offering cheap hotel deals and I also sell front doors for a living.

Everyone would like an increase in traffic to their website or an increase in their PR rating. In general the higher the page rank you have the more visitors you are likely to get.

The best form of web promotion is to build up the number of backward links your website has. So how should I go about doing this? Well by e-mailing or phoning other webmasters to request a link exchange.

Writing articles like the one you are reading here is another way of obtaining backward links. By submitting these articles to article websites, other webmasters are then able to use your article on their website, thus giving you an extra link. This is because you are able to add your information and web address in the author bio at the bottom of the page.

You may also want to consider google adwords. This is a form of pay per click where you pay to appear on the right side of the search results in the paid advertising section of the google search engine for a specific key phrase. Always remember not to spend more on the advertising than you are likely to earn from the website.

To earn some additional money you could sign up the google adsense program. This is where google put ads onto your website. When your visitors click on the ads you get paid.




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