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There are only two feelings that are at the root of every human action. In other words, there are only two emotions that drive every action that humans perform. Those emotions are fear and desire. Humans either take action because they DESIRE something – money, love, a sense of being fulfilled, respect, peace, power, etc. Or they might do something because they FEAR losing something precious or valuable that they have right now – money, a relationship, fulfillment, respect, peace, power, etc. At first glance this concept appears too simple, but if you consider it, pretty much all actions do actually revolve around those two fundamental feelings.

So… if you want your Tweets to be as effective as possible, it would make sense to hold the two powerful motivators in mind. That is the “secret” to constructing attention-getting tweets. Below are 3 examples of Tweet Formulas that ping these feelings in people:

1. The “Other Guy Has a Secret That You Have to Get” Formula: This method is particularly useful when this “other guy” is a celebrity. It’s very enticing to many people to figure out how to do, be, or acquire what a celebrity has. Learn much, much more about manipulating social media right now through our Social Media Training Courses.

Tweet Formula: How (celebrity name) (does something) and you can, too.

Sample Tweet: How Jennifer Aniston gets rid of weight while eating whatever she desires… and how you can, too.

Sample Tweet: How George Clooney creates money while playing golf… and how you can, too.

2. The “Your Problems are Being Instigated by Someone or Something Else Unknown to You” Formula: We all fear the idea of someone or something unbeknownst to us causing problems for us.

Tweet Formula: Is/Are _________ causing you to become sick?

Sample Tweet: Is your pet causing you to fall ill?

Sample Tweet: Is your job causing you to become overweight?

3. The “What You Need to Find Out Right Away” Formula. People do not like being put off guard or being embarrassed.

Tweet Formula: ______ questions to ask your ______ before it is too late.

Sample Tweet: 5 things to ask your accountant… before it’s too late.

Sample Tweet: Seven things to ask your teenager… before it’s too late.

So, you get the idea. Use psychology when you tweet. Appeal to simple base human feelings, namely fear and desire, and you’ll get a lot more attention and reaction to your Tweets – and accomplish whatever you desire to do with Twitter.

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