Optimization tips 2013Do you know how important your article title is to your internet marketing strategy? Knowing how to optimize your titles could save you from a lot of wasted efforts, frustration and probably wasted money at the same time. Many people pay too much attention to other aspects of their SEO and neglect this simple fact. However, if you know how to properly word your title, you will see your SEO rankings improve significantly. Here are some tips to help you create wonderful titles that Google loves:

1. Create Descriptive Titles With the Right Keywords

Before you even craft your article, you need to do proper keyword research. The popularity of your article may depend on this step. If you choose the right keywords, you stand a higher chance of ranking high in search results, and therefore, getting better traffic. When you create your title, make sure you include the most important keywords in it. This way, search engines will know exactly what your article will be about and will rank your content higher for those keywords.

2. Place the Keywords at the Beginning of the Title

Instead of placing the keywords at the end of the sentence, try to include them at the beginning. This way, search engines can find them quicker. Since each search only takes a second or two, search engines will pass on your content if it could not find the search term (keyword) right away. First, when a user types in a search term, search engines will search for that term in the sites’ meta tags first, and then page titles. Therefore, if you include the right keywords at the beginning of the title, search engines will know that your content is related to the query.

3. Do Not Do Keyword Stuffing

People have a temptation to stuff as many keywords as possible in the page title. This is a wrong practice and will eventually back-fire you. In fact, it is called keyword stuffing and Google has made it clear that it will penalize any site for doing it. Instead of trying to put as many keywords  as possible in the content title, try to limit it to a maximum of three keywords.

4. Do Not Create Duplicate Page Titles

Just like duplicate content, duplicate titles could be a reason why your site is not ranking as high as it should be. Try your best to craft interesting, attention-drawing and unique page titles. Your efforts will pay off soon.

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