These days, every dollar counts and small business owners are really watching their marketing budgets.  Using mobile advertising as part of your marketing strategy is one surprising way to stretch your marketing dollars. 

Advertising has the ultimate objective of converting leads into customers.  When an ad is effective and used in connection with other marketing and promotional efforts, this goal is met.  Internet advertising has become a popular method of achieving this, for example PPC advertising or banner ads. 

Mobile phone advertisement is another possibility for the small business advertiser.  Research has indicated that mobile phone ads can be four to five times more effective than Internet advertising.  The reasons for this surprising statistic are varied,  but a key indication is that consumers are more engaged when using mobile phones and other devices than when surfing the Internet.

The small business advertiser has another, perhaps even more effective option, in mobile advertising.  Research has indicated that mobile phone ads can be four to five times more effective than Internet advertising.  While there are a number of reasons for this surprising statistic, one distinguishing factor is that viewers of the ads are more engaged using mobile devices than they are when working on the Internet. 

A person who is engaged is caught up in the activity at hand.  It is common when we are on the Internet to be distracted away from the task at hand, either by something else we see online, or by our outside surroundings. 

Research indicates that mobile device users are much more engaged in the task at hand than a comparable online user. The reasons for this are varied.  For example, a typical Internet page that an ad is displayed on is typically much more cluttered than the mobile phone.  In addition, rather than just random surfing, mobile device users typically have an end goal in mind when using their devices. 

Having an advertising medium that captures the potential customers attention is a real benefit to the small business advertiser.  Therefore, in-Page mobile advertising and SMS text advertising continue to be the most popular form of mobile advertising for the small business owner, and there are many affordable options available in both these areas.

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