Most internet marketers have heard the saying at some point in their online careers, ‘The money is in the list”. Why does every Internet marketer feel the need to repeat this advice time and again? Is having your own mailing list really that crucial to success?

Of course it’s important. Building a list of targeted subscribers gives you instant access to a large number of people who you already know are ready to listen to what you want to say. Having a responsive list is a huge asset for an online business that can generate profits, increase conversion rates and reduce advertising costs. The rising costs of online advertising mean that acquiring new customers is becoming expensive. If you were using Adwords to bring in new customers and you were paying 50 cents per click, you’d be paying $50 for 100 clicks. At an average conversion rate of 2%, this would mean you’re only making 2 sales for every 100 visitors you paid for. Rather than waste those clicks, you could get that visitor to join your mailing list, where you have the chance to raise the conversion rate as high as 40%. This kind of benefit makes it easy to see why list building should be a priority.

In this article we’ll look at some simple things you can do to begin building your list. People already subscribed can send tons of new sign-ups to your list. Simple tactic but it is deadly effective. Word-of-mouth marketing is the quickest way to build your business. You should focus part of your list building efforts on viral marketing. Getting your subscribers to recommend you is easy; just give them solid info. If you really want to see your list grow then offer your subscribers a commission on every product that a person buys that signed up through them. Your subscribers will grow to trust you as they realize how valuable your messages are and as a result will market it for you by suggesting to other to sign-up. An example of leveraging your subscribers trust and your valuable content is to create viral ebooks or applications that your members will benefit from and have rights to give away; the references to your site within these products will drive traffic to your site.

Starting to build your email list is only the first step; you also need to be clear about how you will be monetizing it. There are a variety of methods for list monetization, but affiliate marketing could be the best choice. You can perfom product reviews, and if people like them – you’ll make sales. It’s important to help those on your list while making them an offer at the same time. There needs to be a balance between the content you offer and affiliate products you suggest. If you want you can also monetize your list by running solo ads, doing joint ventures, running ads in your newsletter, etc.

On the whole, you need to look at list building as the strongest part of your online business. Make sure all your efforts are directed towards building a list that gives results.

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