You can get fundamentally 2 kinds of email websites:

* Providers that provide you your unique webmail email such as and which commonly demand fee of a domain name and/or a hosting cost.

* Email accounts that are given by email websites such as Hotmail email that provides you a free email domain such as

Important factors in choosing an email provider:

1. Is it necessary to use a personalized email address?

If you only need an email for individual use or you are satisfied enough with a free email domain such as, then I would suggest that you just stick with a free web email account provider.

Why? Because they are free! They generally provide you with an incredibly big storage capability (Gmail offers 7.5 GB, Yahoomail is limitless, Hotmail email account offers 5GB) as well as you could easily access your free web mail from any computer by means of an internet connection.

If you want a professional sounding emails account, you can go for a hosting option by a 3rd party company or you could have your own server. Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) will typically host your email as well. The costs are generally dependant upon a package of hosting plus the space you use on your inbox.  As soon as you hit the offered limit you have to pay an extra charge for every MB kept.

2.  How do you wish to check and handle your messages?

Once again, you will find big differences between using a webmail email provider and installed client. To be able to manage, plenty of people set up an email provider on their computing devices. Lots of people use Outlook merely because this is this system that is included with their pc plan. You may as well find free email providers that will do the job just as well and that is compatible on Windows, Linux and Apple, so if you are using various kinds of operating software, you could have similar application on them all.

This email client constantly downloads the electronic mails from the inbox which lets you work on your electronic mails while offline. A good strategy is to synchronize your email with an installed email provider in order to work online or offline and at the same time still get your emails via any laptop or computer

3. Do you need to view your webmail email through several destinations?

It is uncommon for any individual today to simply view their webmail email from an individual laptop or computer. The conventional setup may be to get emails to one certain laptop or computer and view these by means of installed software such as Outlook but you may also decide to leave the electronic mails on the server. Meaning it is possible to check the emails through other computers when you are out of your house.

Most mail sites provide an email option to help you view any kind of emails which have not been saved to the laptop or computer straight from the inbox.

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