What’s Google Buzz?

Everyone are familiar with Facebook and Twitter, a couple of the most well liked social media networking site today. If these sites seems familiar enough then knowing and relating to Google Buzz isn’t that impossible. Last February 2010, Google launched Google Buzz as the new way to socialise online. It is designed and integrated with Google’s e-mail service, Gmail.

If you should chance to have a Gmail account, try and have a look at the mailbox side. There, one can find the Google Buzz. An exciting way to share videos, photos and a lot more of interesting stuff. Another plus points is given to Google Buzz.

Users have the option either to share info, stills, videos either publicly or secretly. If users have Twitter and Flicker accounts, photographs from the said sites can also be integrated in Google Buzz or sometimes called Gmail Buzz.

Thanks to the acclaim of Facebook and Twitter, many see Google Buzz as Google’s answer to the said sites. They also wanted to make work a bit more fun by adding a tiny bit of leisure through this new tool. Although not all is well regarding this particular tool, a few squabble and questions have been attached to this recently. What are they?

Privacy Issues

Many are criticising the tool in terms of its privacy. Names of contacts the user have just lately chatted or emailed will appear in the user’s profile. The user may not be aware the feature should be disabled in order to avoid other users to see the contacts the user was lately in contact with.

Another point that critics are talking about is the mobile version of Google Buzz. Although it runs only with devices which are supported by the likes of iPhone, Android 2.0+ and many others, still users can still be located by other users of the tool through Google Map. So divulging the user’s location.

Private info should not be disclosed and it is up to the prerogative of the user either to add people they need to or not, to cough up information in public or not. Google is understood to release a product or tool on the market and improving as time goes by. But delicate issues like this should not be disregarded.

Google for sure has some answers to these issues and with a little bit of luck these issues would be addressed immediately. Google Buzz appears to be very promising. Let us just hope that this is for the best and not the worst.

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