Multiple blogging systems are currently in use on the market but none offer the ease of use and variety that WordPress does. Especially when it comes to creating autoblogs, WordPress has many tools that can take care of it. WP Robot is a recent development in autoblogging plugins, which is highly effective and makes the whole task incredibly easy. It helps create unique blog posts automatically where the content is extracted from a number of high quality content sources. This review article will focus on how WP Robot is different from the others in the market and how it can help you with your auto blogging venture.

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One excellent function WP Robot features that many blog publishers would appreciate is the plugin’s capacity to create a limitless number of articles on any topic the site owner chooses. Everyone can focus on their own niche however they feel is best as the plugin does not limit users to a certain subject or field. The way you determine what content to create is to select your targeted keywords, where the number of keywords you can choose depends on what level of membership you are on. The Basic members are entitled to 20 keywords that they can use to generate the content, while the Elite members can target up to 50 keywords. Moreover, this plugin generates all the tags for your articles using a fully automated process. The latter is critical because search engine spiders use tags when crawling through your posts. The need may arise for you to delay publishing a post and WP Robot offers you the ability to automatically save it as a draft without you having to interfere at all.

The intelligence of the WP Robot plugin will be revealed from the beginning as it gathers content from a variety of references, generating a completely automated WordPress blog. WP Robot was designed with the personal preference of the client in mind and is, thus, separated into modules, which allow for complete and total customization. A fantastic new program can be seen at this 9 to 5 Annihilation page. The modules that pull content from Amazon and Youtube are a perfect example, as they retrieve both the main content as well as any additional comments. The positive aspect is that one is not bound to purchase the full set as they can be bought separately depending on needs. Cleverly fashioned, each module focuses on the customer.

The plugin will help you sell Amazon products as an affiliate by pulling and publishing information on the products you will be promoting as well as positing the reviews of the product as comments, alongside your affiliate link. Content pulled with the EBay Listings module is published in a blog post that features auction listings. Posts are created similarly with the Article module, which extracts appropriate articles and publishes them on your blog depending in the keywords you chose. The Clickbank module is practical for affiliates as it scrapes and posts Clickbank advertisements. The module that extracts content from Yahoo! Answers doesn’t function like the others as it first publishes the question and then the answers are added as comments. Finally, but just as important, is the Youtube module which allows one to search for and embed videos into their blog posts that are relevant to their chosen keywords, while the video’s comments are also added to the post. Look at this 9 to 5 Annihilation page to see what everyone is talking about in marketing these days.

The flexibility of the WP Robot plugin is easily noticeable in the fact that it features modules that use a wide range of content sources, allowing you to use them as you see fit. Each of the modules is unique in its own way and helps add value to your blog. The plugin comes with an iron clad 14 day money back guarantee, which lets you try it out completely and be satisfied.

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