Search engine is all concerning content and each SEO gurus have been trying terribly hard to optimize their pages just for the search engine and typically forgetting that the top user is truly the human reader. It’s of paramount importance {that a} page must be written for humans and designed for search engines in terms of SEO.

There’s nothing more important than making unique content for a site. In SEO, allocating keywords within the title, header and bold HTML tags not solely helps the reader to identify the topic of a page simply but it also aids in optimization since search engine takes into thought of the keywords in these tags.

Many writers are concerned regarding the perfect keyword density for the most profit of SEO. Unfortunately, there aren’t any exhausting figures for a excellent keyword percentage. The foremost necessary factor when making content is to form it readable and unique. As long because the content is readable, there’s no need to follow a set share of keyword density.

Planning a page to facilitate the indexing by the search engine bots is another necessary issue to consider next to content creation. A page with rich content while not indexed by the search engine bots is appreciate no content at all. To assist the search engines to search out the page, the navigation system and sitemap plays vital roles here. It is advisable to have text links navigation therefore that bots will spider all the inner pages smoothly. Avoid using JavaScript and Flash created navigation system as a result of most bots can ignore them however designer can always embrace a collection of text links at the underside of the page where these types of navigation system are used to overcome this issue.

Some search engines place great stress on the content close to the top of a page. Thus, it is advisable to style the layout in such a means {that the} content appears before other parts of the page. One example is to use the content 1st CSS template; it allows the navigation to seem on the left of a page followed by the content but the content is the first to look within the codes. This technique helps search engine bots to identify the important content of a page and index them since they’re placed close to the high of a page. Another easy work around is to employ a right facet navigation menu.

The final purpose of SEO is to form positive {that the} designated content appears in search engine according to the particular searches. Making the content readable and planning the page for easy indexing should forever be the first priority for webmasters when SEO comes into play.

Thank you.

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