The Xango company was launched by Gordon and Joseph Morton in November 2002 in Utah. It was the first company to bring the mangosteen juice into the saturated diet supplements’ market. The founders were certain that their product is of supreme quality and was worthy of a resounding marketing campaign. Profits rose  right away and countries that have a long tradition of organic medicine like Philippines and other Asian countries become their fast growing markets.
A Southeast Asian tropical fruit, mangosteen, has nothing to do with mango. Mangosteen is usually as big as a tangerine. For many centuries, the fruit has been known to possess incredible healing and health boosting qualities but all information about this wonderful fruit had been hidden from the rest of the world till recently. The first documented mentions of the use of the fruit for medical purposes, goes back to the 6th century AD.  Local people have revered the fruit and used it, especially the rind, to heal a number of diseases and the legend tells that Queen Victoria once requested a mangosteen fruit be delivered to her in perfect condition which was an almost impossible task due to the long journey. Since those times its exquisite healing qualities and wonderful taste have been highlighted by its second name – the Queen of Fruits.   
Mangosteen juice is a wonderful product for marketing and selling, considering the great healing effect it has on those who drink it over a prolonged period of time. People have always been concerned with their health and nutritional supplements that can improve their condition without any side-effects, which is not always guaranteed when taking powerful medical drugs. The product is bound to take place among such outstanding plants like echinacea and aloe-vera. Such plants have to be made public and everyone should have a chance to feel its great healing powers on themselves.
Just look at the advantages of Xango juice over other juices:
1.    Xango Juice has a great taste and is rich in vitamins;
2.    The juice contains a potent antioxidant – xanthones;
3.    The juice bolsters immune system and helps to deal with numerous health problems: 
–    Allergies
–    Sleeping disorders
–    Skin problems 
–    Anti-inflammatory effects
–    Heart disease and cancer
–    Intestinal health problems
–    Free radicals control
4.    {The Xango Juice has no side effects whatsoever; No side effects;}
5.    The company offers favorable discounts to distributors;
6.    Many real-life testimonies of improved health and healed bodies;
Here is a summary of business facts: 
1.    The company’s sales amounted to 1,5 billion dollars last year;
2.    The juice is not the only product. Two other widely spread products are Glimpse Intuitive Skin Care and Eleviv; 
3.    It is a private company and five of the founders and now in the Board of Directors;
4.    According to the US FTC the company maintains a network of 700,000 distributors;
5.    Its market spreads over 15 countries of Asia, Europe and Pacific region;
6.    Mayo Clinic of Minnesota and other research bodies have confirmed health qualities of the juice in treating a range of serious and chrinic diseases;
7.    The company participated in numerous sponsorship programs and has partnered with non-profit organizations. It is widely known for its deep philanthropic concerns;

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