Does it seem like no matter what you do your website just won’t climb up in the search engine rankings? If so, your web site may not be optimized well enough for the search engines to increase your rankings. There are some very important factors that determine where web sites are ranked. These factors are referred to as Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques and they can make all the difference in your sites rankings. Here are some of the most important factors that the search engines use in determining your rankings: 1. Web Site Content. Content on your site is one of the most important factors for successful search engine optimization. Your web site should provide valuable information on specific subjects relevant to your web site. Furthermore, your content should be updated regularly. It’s not enough to just put up a few content pages full of information on your site and then never add to it. This is a continuous process that will help your search engine rankings if done correctly. It’s also important that you don’t try to trick the search engines by flooding them with multiple versions of the same page, repeating the same content over and over. Doing that will not help your rankings and will eventually lead to your site getting banned from the search engines. 2. Link Popularity. Inbound links are very important for achieving high search engine rankings. Most of the search engines today regard link popularity as one of the most significant determinants of your website’s rankings.

Here are some of the best ways to get inbound links: * Articles - Writing and submitting articles to website's and article directories is a very good way to get inbound links. * Content - Not only will adding quality content help in your rankings by itself , it will also help you with your link popularity. Other webmaster’s will want to link to your site because it is valuable to them and their own visitors. * Directories – Submitting your site to online directories will help you gain inbound links. * Blogs - Start a blog that you update frequently with information related to your website's niche. Then, link to your site from the blog. You can also submit your blog to various blog directories to get even more inbound links. * Link Exchanges – Simply find other quality sites related to yours and ask them to link to you in exchange for a link back to them. This is not as effective as it used to be but it is still a pretty good way to get inbound links.

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